Money Talks

I sure miss the days when a commercial or advertisement was working to separate you from your money by simply trying to sell you a product or service.  They weren't trying to make some virtue signalling statement, lecturing their potential customer base on what they perceive to be popular views on racial or social justice, ON TOP of trying to sell you their product or service.  While I can certainly tell you that has certainly influenced how I spend my money, that hasn't been a bad thing and it's maybe not the way you might think. For the record, I'm really a 'freedom and liberty' minded guy.  Politically, I consider myself homeless.  I don't think politicians are the answer to our problems and, in fact, I'd go so far as to say that 98% of the politicians out there have directly caused the raging garbage truck fire that is today's societal breakdown by their divisive and inflammatory rhetoric and policies which have only served to harm their oppositi

Drawing fault lines

I'll admit it.  I'm a history nerd.  Especially military history.  I think I might have gotten that from my dad, who did 22 years in the Canadian Army as a senior NCO.  He had shelves of books, pretty much all of them about wars and things related to them....although he did have a pretty decent collection of 'Mack Bolan' novels too (basically the guy's version of those trashy Harlequin novels that undersexed soccer moms buy at the local grocery store, except it's gunfights instead of porn in prose).   Some of the trends involving social decline caused by the government's response to this 'pandemic' and their desperate attempt to put this shit they call a 'vaccine' into every man, woman, and child possible, is the division of people.  Neighbour against neigbour.  Hell, there are even people in the service where I work who, not that long ago were putting their lives in each other's hands, helping each other move, having beer and barbecue to


"The price good people pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil." - Plato   One of the disturbing trends I'm seeing in Canada now is how docile and submissive the majority of people here seem to truly be at the core.  We've always been this way to a degree, true.  I'd say we have alot more in common with the Europeans in that we feel entitled to the standard of living our neighbours to the south have, but on the government dime. Essentially steak on a McDonald's cheeseburger budget. But in the last six years, Canada has been adrift with that dilettante scumbag at the helm doing everything he possibly can to tear the country apart at the seams with every bit of arrogance that indicates he was doing so by divine right.  Whether it's saying stupid crap like "Canada is the first post-national state" and "Canada has no core identity" or dividing the nation over the endless slew of virtue-signalling bullshit, that goddamn

Here I go again

Well, I'm back.  I thought I'd done away with running a blog, mainly because I didn't have time for it and because I sort of loathe doing anything that patronizes Google by giving them any more of my hard earned time and money than I have to.  But then, I figured: what the hell?  If you were a reader of my last blog, this will be more of the same - that being the ramblings and rantings of an aging, pissed off cop. I'm back to blogging here because I'm going to have a hell of a lot more spare time on my hands.  I am one of those federally employed people up here in Canada that essentially told the Trudeau government recently to go have sex with themselves over their vaccine 'mandate'.  It was my choice and it was an easy one to make.  Not because I'm an 'anti-vaxxer' or some bullshit like that, although I will admit right here and now that I do NOT trust the mainstream narrative on these so-called 'vaccines.  I'll probably write a more det