"The price good people pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil." - Plato


One of the disturbing trends I'm seeing in Canada now is how docile and submissive the majority of people here seem to truly be at the core.  We've always been this way to a degree, true.  I'd say we have alot more in common with the Europeans in that we feel entitled to the standard of living our neighbours to the south have, but on the government dime. Essentially steak on a McDonald's cheeseburger budget. But in the last six years, Canada has been adrift with that dilettante scumbag at the helm doing everything he possibly can to tear the country apart at the seams with every bit of arrogance that indicates he was doing so by divine right.  Whether it's saying stupid crap like "Canada is the first post-national state" and "Canada has no core identity" or dividing the nation over the endless slew of virtue-signalling bullshit, that goddamn substitute drama teacher has really saw to it that this country is on the fast track to hell.

Strangely, though, I don't blame Justin Trudeau for anything he's done.  Don't get me wrong, I hate him with every fiber of my being.  I always have and I always will.  But getting angry ONLY at Trudeau for what this country has become is very much akin to getting pissed off at your dog when he pisses on your rug because he wasn't house trained.  Yes, he deserves every bit of scorn and derision for doing what he does.  Not saying at all that he doesn't.  But the blame for all of what he has done, and the damage he has yet to do, does not rest solely on him.

The thing about 'ol' sock boy' is that there is absolutely nothing that he has done or tried to do that he hasn't outright said ahead of time he was intending to do, which includes but is not limited to:

- When he took the PMO in 2015, he said outright that he intended to take in thousands of Syrian refugees that we couldn't afford to, and his government had no intentions of, supporting.
- He said outright that, because Canada was back at 'the Big Boy's Table', we'd be committing to UN peacekeeping missions again, then proceeded to send our troops to Mali, where there is no peace to keep because it's a fucking war zone with Al-Shabaab militants pouring over the Algerian border on a constant basis - which was why the German forces we replaced were di di mau'ing the hell out of there.  What ensued was a disaster and we ended up pulling out too, leaving the French military behind to get the crap kicked out of them.
- He said he supports repatriating terrorists and not revoking citizenship of Canadian born foreign fighters because "a Canadian is a Canadian", then went on to pay Omar Khadr $10.5 million dollars under the table after he was captured fighting American troops in Afghanistan.  Then later, went on to tell a Canadian Forces veteran, wounded in combat in Afghanistan, that his government continues to fight veterans in court because "they're asking for more than we are willing to give".
- He said right from the get-go that his government intended to disarm law abiding Canadian firearms owners and turn them into criminals overnight by prohibiting numerous semi-automatic 'scary looking' rifles via edict (not parliamentary process) in the interests of 'public safety', then proceed to provide no evidence as to how this is the case.  Despite the courts ordering his government to do so, he has still provided no evidence or rationale for doing this.
- He made clear his intent to censor freedom of speech and expression on the internet last year with Bill C-35 and Bill C-10, which was only stopped because the Canadian Senate decided to finally make themselves useful.

- To cap it all off, he made clear before he oh-so-wisely called that last election in August that he intended to impose a mandate for the COVID-19 'clot shot' for all federal employees, despite all the evidence that has and continues to come to light that clearly shows that this 'vaccine' isn't a goddamn vaccine at all because it doesn't prevent people from contracting the virus or passing it on to others and that the 'vaccine' isn't actually safe because it hasn't been subjected to proper long term testing.

 All of this and much, much more....and Canadians just blithely acquiesced to all of it.  They folded faster than a cheap, French card table.  There are the assholes that militantly support these mandates and are stunningly cruel to people who were smart enough to exercise caution in getting the 'clot shot', which I ranted about in my last post - and yes, my position remains 'fuck those people, porno style, with a cactus - but it seems more like the majority of people simply don't give a shit.  As long as they can still go to Tim Horton's and get their double doubles or watch Hockey Night in Canada or any of the other meaningless horeshit that keeps people here pacified, they're not gonna do a damn thing.

 So it seems good ol' Plato was ahead of his time when he said what he said.  If you don't give a damn about who's behind the steering wheel of your country, the price you're gonna pay is when he stomps on the gas and drives you into a brick wall.

 There are many grey areas in life.  I actually think most things are grey areas, situations being diverse as they tend to be.  One of the areas that I believe are black and white is freedom.  It is an absolute in that you either have that freedom or you do not.  Anything in between is a permission, which can be taken away at the whim of whoever you've been dumb enough to give the reins of power to.  Trudeau will eventually be gone from the PMO (the sooner, the better), but the Canadians that support people like him and tolerate his bullshit for the promise of 'free shit' will still be idiots the next morning.

 The day is going to come in this country, and I think it will be soon, when the bottom line of average Canadians, mouth breathing lazy cowards that most of them are proving themselves to be, is going to be affected.  It won't be the dreaded 'Trump Supporters' or 'Climate Change Deniers' or 'Anti-Vaxxers' you'll have to blame by then.  If you truly get your way, they're gonna be gone either because the government has decided to up the ante in their fight against them or they managed to get the hell out of Dodge before things went kinetic.  But if people think the government is gonna stop only after they've done away with 'those people', they're dreaming.  One of the key features with a government that plays identity politics the way the Trudeau government (and pretty much any left wing government) does is that there always, ALWAYS, has to be a bad guy.  Someone to point the finger at. Someone to blame.  That's because it's easier for them to create a problem that only they can solve so they can look productive than to solve any real problems, but that's beside the point.

 Eventually, those freedoms people were so keen to do away with because they were scared of getting the goddamn flu and wanted to force everyone to take an overpriced poorly tested magic drug to make it go away?  They're gonna be wondering where they went when the government finally decides to go after something that they DO give a shit enough about to get off their asses, grab their balls or wontons out of their sock drawers, and stand up.  Trouble is, by then there probably ain't gonna be anyone around to stand with them. And when, or if, that happens, I wonder how they'll feel when they finally realize the government they so willingly gave away their rights and freedoms to doesn't actually give a shit about them.

Truth be told, at the rate things are going?  I sure as hell wouldn't.  I'd have better things to do.


  1. Agree with the entire article, I suspect the spicy times will start soon.

  2. Jews yearn for the "good old days" of their Messiahs - Lenin and Stalin - who they helped murder FIFTY MILLION across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those surely do not count, since they were mostly only Goyim, eh? Bernie's campaign claimed the gulags "paid a living wage." Bernie never repudiated that claim. Have the Jews repudiated Bernie? And where was the Jewish "Schindler" to help the Goyim avoid the gulags? NONEXISTENT!!!

    Yet none dare note this, because the Jews run the Media and "education" systems in the West, just as commanded by their Messiahs. And they will not tolerate the truth. They have fond memories of Pravda, Tass, and Izvestia.

    Now not all Jews are evil, but a significant majority in the West - 70-75% - sure are!!!

    1. We've been trying for yrs to open peoples eyes and ears, they choose to remain deaf and blind. Any intelligent person knows Schindler was a product of (((Hollywood))), a novel turned into historical fact by the illiterate audiences.
      Trying to crack open some brain housing groups and force feed history is moot, they don't want to know of the millions of Christians killed by the Bolsheviks, all aided by (((American banksters))) thru the Red Cross "advisors" sent to oversee the progress of the 1917 overthrows (there were 2 revolutions that year). America helped overthrow a Christian gov't in favor of the Jewish Bolsheviks. What came after was mass murder, and America awaits it's turn today. Nobody bothers to read the names of the main characters in todays media and disinfo programs, as well as the banksters robbing us blind. The Christian west suffers from denial, and will go down the same path as Russia and Germany, destroyed from within by Bolsheviks.
      Canada is no different from the USA, football is more important than freedom, playing video war games sure beats doing it outside in the cold and wet. The defeat will be well earned.

  3. Canada, is a country mostly made up out of Suburban white women of all.genders and races.


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