Drawing fault lines

I'll admit it.  I'm a history nerd.  Especially military history.  I think I might have gotten that from my dad, who did 22 years in the Canadian Army as a senior NCO.  He had shelves of books, pretty much all of them about wars and things related to them....although he did have a pretty decent collection of 'Mack Bolan' novels too (basically the guy's version of those trashy Harlequin novels that undersexed soccer moms buy at the local grocery store, except it's gunfights instead of porn in prose).  

Some of the trends involving social decline caused by the government's response to this 'pandemic' and their desperate attempt to put this shit they call a 'vaccine' into every man, woman, and child possible, is the division of people.  Neighbour against neigbour.  Hell, there are even people in the service where I work who, not that long ago were putting their lives in each other's hands, helping each other move, having beer and barbecue together who, in some cases, now see each other very differently because of this 'boogeyman' of a virus and the fake 'cure' for it that doesn't even work.

 But something I'm seeing that bothers me more is how it's actually tearing apart families.  Father against son, mother against daughter, siblings against siblings.  That's actually the saddest part of all of it.

Karl Marx, whom I hope is in firmly in Hell suffering eternal anguish as he should, once remarked that the destruction of the family is one of the aims of communism.  If this is communism causing all of this, and all signs point to 'YES' (although I'd say the usual culprits such as greed, malfeasance, cronyism, et al. are contributing in a big way), then they're doing a bloody good job.

I read an article yesterday on Zero Hedge where a commenter had remarked of a recent visit with her mother.  Her mother apparently was vaccinated, whereas she was not, being like minded like myself and probably most people reading this blog.  She didn't say what kind of strain this was taking on their relationship - I'm assuming it had to be copacetic, seeing as how they were on speaking terms and visiting.  But when the woman went to hug her mother goodbye, she said her mother stepped back, repulsed.  Now this could have been fear of the 'virus', but at this point, it seems more apparent that she was afraid of the 'unvaxxed'.  Honestly.  This woman's own mother...who carried this woman in her belly for 9 months and went through pain I can't even imagine, being a real, biological man (not Bruce Jenner suffering from gender dysphoria), in giving her life...and it leads to this?


I honestly wonder with these people.  I'd love to sit down with one of them one time and ask: what kind of person were you two years ago, before the media and establishment's massive PsyOps campaign drove you to a state of what I could only define as advanced psychosis?  What was your outlook on life?  What was your world view?  What were your ambitions and plans for the future?  What were your viewpoints on various issues?

Are you the same person now that you were two years ago?  Have you looked in the mirror lately?  Not just to brush your teeth or shave or whatever, but have you actually taken a long look at yourself and wondered about these things?

I don't think I'm the same guy I was two years ago.  Yes, I always knew that the people in charge of everything basically hate everyone else and went out of their way to fuck with them.  Half a life of working for the government tends to give you a free education on that little piece of lore.  And yes, because I knew that, I always was highly mistrusting of them and cynical about their intentions.  But I think where I changed was my outlook on other people.

There was a part in the 2008 movie, 'The Dark Knight', where the Joker, played masterfully by the late Heath Ledger, remarked:

"Their morals, their code...it's a bad joke.  Dropped at the first sign of trouble.  They're only as good as the world allows them to be.  You'll see, I'll show you.  When the chips are down, these, uh, 'civilized' people?  They'll eat each other.  See, I'm not a monster.  I'm just ahead of the curve."

 Did that age well, or what?  And to think that didn't even factor in the avaricious bastards who are making millions, if not billions, off of all this strife.  I sure hope there's a special place in Hell for those folks.

But the worst I've yet to see on this came here:


So....the media, never being one to be content with sinking to the bottom of the barrel, continues to dig in showing how disgusting they are by telling American families to do COVID-19 tests and check vaccine status/papers....on their own family?!

Jesus....this pisses me off so much I actually had to take a break and stop writing this.  No amount of belt-fed justice dealt to these assholes would be enough to make this right.  These bastards would whine all day long about 'Freedom of the Press", which I have no problem with....but then mention anything about 'Responsibility of the Press' and you'd never hear the end of it.

The worst part about this?  I actually know...and I'd wager you probably do too....of people out there...WHO WOULD ACTUALLY DO THIS SHIT.  To their own families.

Sporky time?  You bet that's coming.  That fucker, Marx....I bet even he never thought it'd sink this low when he wanted to destroy the 'Great Institutions' (Church, Family, Marriage, Education, and Nation State).  No, he probably thought people would fall into the arms of his commie utopia and everyone would ride first class together.

I brought up military history at the start of this post because one conflict that I think about often in the context of today, with similar lamentations being made by others more on the ball than I am, is the Balkan conflict in the 90's.  Yugoslavia, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.  If you ever wonder what things will look like here when things get spicy, read up on that conflict and what happened over there.  More importantly, look to the events that preceded and led to that conflict.  

It all started with the language.  People who, prior to the shit hitting the fan, drank beer and shared meals together.  Families, friends, co-workers.  But the language, which shifted the culture....it made people stop thinking of friends and family members as human beings.  What that eventually led to was seeing guys who ended up dumping the body of that same neighbour he casually chatted with or helped replace a roof on his house a few years back in a mass grave of other human beings.

Fun fact: about 10 years or so prior to the Balkan conflict, Yugoslavia hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics.  It went from that to Hell on earth in that span of time.

 I'd say society is down to a choice here, and there ain't much time left to choose: people can either look around them and see what's happening in the world while engaging in some deep introspection, asking themselves how much farther they're willing to go with this.  Or, they can carry on as they are until they find themselves on either end of  a rifle....killing their own family or neighbours...or being killed by them.

 Tick, tock.


  1. Yeah.. got some reading to do.... I don't understand low intensity conflict enough. I remember there was a show of an airplane pilot who had to punch out over Bosnia I believe. And I remember seeing a bunch of guys dressed Like they were gonna go hang out and drink and pick up chicks. Instead they grabbed an AK and rand ran Into the Woods to go shoot people. And then come back And enjoy a bruski. And continue on with a pitiful little life that they had amongst conflict. It kinda struck me. The 2 worlds of the airman and the kickback kid With the cool kicks on. I plead to God that's not what is in store for Canada.

    1. We all have reading to do. Obviously this is out of hand and unprecedented. As we have limited time, it couldn't hurt to turn our attention to the literature of He who laid down his life for his friends. It may well be the only choice for believers.

  2. I have been a avid reader of history for many years. One recurring theme of the history of totalitarianism in the 20th century was wonder expressed by observers after the totalitarian state was destroyed. The "how could they let that happen?" reaction seems to be always asked in the aftermath. But now we find ourselves in what I would term, the "foremath". Many see this totalitarian disaster of vaccine passports and ultimate state control coming, but far more do not. Sadly, it is not prevented by either intelligence nor education. The Germans of the 1920s and 1930s were some of the most educated on the planet, yet they went along with ultimate state control as created by the Austrian madman. After the war, the "Nie wieder krieg" (never again war) movement was a big deal in Germany. Now in 2021 they speak of forced vaccination for all citizens. The Germans know their history, yet it does not inform their thinking about the results of re-creating the 'Untermenschen' by forcing vaccination for all.
    This weekend, I hosted my family's Thanksgiving dinner, and of course the talk eventually turned to vaccination against covid. One of my daughters has been after me since the beginning of the pandemic to take the shot as she does not want to lose me. I choose not to take the shot because my research suggests it is not the right path. She became quite frustrated with me at dinner and declared that when I get covid, I should be denied life-saving care because I refused to do the one thing which she believes is the magic bullet against dying from covid.
    This very smart and highly educated woman did not have a moment of self-realization that she had just condemned her father to be a member of the Untermenschen.
    We are doomed to repeat the age-old fight against totalitarianism when even the intelligent are willing to go there to achieve their desired outcomes for the 'good' of society.


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