Here I go again

Well, I'm back.  I thought I'd done away with running a blog, mainly because I didn't have time for it and because I sort of loathe doing anything that patronizes Google by giving them any more of my hard earned time and money than I have to.  But then, I figured: what the hell?  If you were a reader of my last blog, this will be more of the same - that being the ramblings and rantings of an aging, pissed off cop.

I'm back to blogging here because I'm going to have a hell of a lot more spare time on my hands.  I am one of those federally employed people up here in Canada that essentially told the Trudeau government recently to go have sex with themselves over their vaccine 'mandate'.  It was my choice and it was an easy one to make.  Not because I'm an 'anti-vaxxer' or some bullshit like that, although I will admit right here and now that I do NOT trust the mainstream narrative on these so-called 'vaccines.  I'll probably write a more detailed post on that later.

No, I oppose the mandates because I feel they are unethical, immoral, a serious violation of civil liberties, and they go against both the core values of the organization I serve and my own personal core values. Simply put, I can not and will not participate in a program such as this. I swore an oath to obey all 'lawful orders' without fear, favour, or affection, and these mandates are clearly not 'lawful orders'.  It's as simple as that. 

But today, I made the grave mistake of reading a CBC article on this very topic and scrolling to the comments section.  After reading a lot of the comments, I was left asking myself one question: "why the fuck did I even bother?"  

I've served in a variety of law enforcement roles since 2004 in this country.  Concurrent with that, I did six years in the Canadian Army reserves.  I wouldn't go so far as to say that I did anything grandiose, but I did my duty.  At minimum, I stepped up to the plate every time I was required to, I did my job and did it well, and I carried on.  A lot of times, I did this at significant personal cost and risk to me, but I thought nothing of it because it was what I signed up for.

The general message from the vast majority of posters on that message board was essentially that "if you didn't get the 'vaxx' then you're 'selfish' and deserve to die and, if you have kids, they should be taken from you because you're an awful human being" with numerous variations of this message.  The take away was seeing a truly vitriolic, ruthless, callous, toxic group of people that seem to represent a growing majority of people in Canada today.  I have no choice but to come to this conclusion because I see very little resistance or message to the contrary from very many people.  Most people seem to fall in line with this narrative. 

And this is what I signed up to serve, protect, and defend?  This is what I was willing to risk my ass for, all those years I put on a uniform and went out to work my shift, knowing in the back of my mind that something could happen to me where I wouldn't get to make it home?  Even during this entire 'pandemic', which I personally witnessed cause FAR more damage to people in terms of economic ruin and mental breakdown than the goddamn virus the media had most people mortified of.

I always believed that I was doing what I did so that people could live in a society that espoused liberty, peace, and justice.  Turns out, it looks like what I was really doing was playing a glorified scarecrow, and sometimes a babysitter, for a population of vindictive, ungrateful cowards.  The kind of people who, almost a year ago, were getting into fistfights over toilet paper at the local Costco or Walmart.  The kind of people who were racking up their credit cards, buying food and survival supplies, or shopping carts full of meat or canned goods.  The kind of people who were going out to sporting goods or military surplus stores and buying guns, knives, or archery equipment with ammunition and arrowheads that were effective on human targets, with the intention of using them on such.  The kind of people who, under 'normal' circumstances, wouldn't have done anything close to any of these things, but went out and mass panicked because the mainstream narrative had them convinced that we were careening towards a live action version of 'The Walking Dead' (I really hated that damn show).

These are the people who are STILL drinking the establishment kool-aid, which they've shown by tripping over each other to get this 'vaccine' (which, even according to the mainstream narrative, isn't really a vaccine because it doesn't inoculate you to the COVID-19 virus, as other true vaccines do), which was rushed through production at 'Warp Speed' without any proper testing on long term safety or efficacy.  And you know what?  That's okay because it's THEIR choice.  I never had an issue with that at all.  Personally, I didn't think it was wise based on these factors and others, hence why I chose not to take the vaccine.  But I didn't once ever impose my opinions on people who trusted in the contrary.  Not even when it came to light that these 'vaccines' didn't prevent transmission or spread of the COVID-19 disease, when people were STILL dying of the virus even after they were 'fully vaxxed', or when the number of people suffering severe adverse reactions (NOT side effects) from this 'jab' was growing steadily, did I ever impose my personal opinions on people.

But now, that's not good enough because these people, in their smug and arrogant manner, see fit to impose their choice on everyone else who didn't throw caution to the wind and decided to exercise their freedom to decide what went in their bodies.  Because they're still terrified of this virus, despite taking the 'jab' that they were told was supposed to protect them but isn't because they're convinced that a strong, healthy person like myself is somehow a threat to them.

Because of that, they're totally fine with Justin Trudeau and his cabal of corrupt, incompetent psychopaths denying once loyal and dedicated public servants the ability to earn the livelihood they're trained and qualified to work for because of this sick, twisted narrative that has more holes in it than a piece of fine Emmenthal cheese.  In their shrill and pompous manner, they feel entitled to dismissively lecture people like me who have serious fundamental concerns with the issue at hand, as though they're the 'adults in the room', but can't counter those concerns with anything more than generic and intellectually devoid mainstream media talking points.

And what did that leave us with?  Well so far,  aside from the growing amount of venom commonplace on the internet, I'd have to say the lowest of these 'highlights' I've seen were the multiple videos of Canadian Forces veterans being required to 'show their vaccine papers' in order to eat in restaurants or even go to the goddamn Legion on Remembrance Day.  If they didn't, they were denied entry.  Never in my life would I have ever dreamed of seeing something like that in Canada.  'True North, Strong and Free'?  Yeah.  Right.  

Well, you know what?  If that's how you people really feel, then I have one thing to say: fuck you.  Seriously.  You aren't worth my time or my effort.  If you don't even respect or value the rights and freedoms that people like me put on a uniform and swore an oath to try and safeguard, then you deserve the alternative.  And don't kid yourself: you are going to get the alternative.  You are going to get every bit of the socialism you think you want, with all the trimmings and perks that go along with it.  If you thought it was going to give you a license to keep living the Life of Riley, where you're free to have your vacations and your toys and your bullshit, all because you were a good little comrade and did what you were told, you are in for a serious kick in the groin.  You can kiss all that goodbye.  Don't take my word for it - pick up a history book and see for yourself.  Or go back to watching sports or reality TV.  I really don't give a shit anymore.

This whole vaccine push is about power and control. It has jack shit to do with safety and public health. Why do you think they want law abiding citizens disarmed? Why do you think they want to control what you see and do on the internet? Why do you think they are spending our country into oblivion, plunging us into debt we have no hope in hell of ever paying off?

Think about it.

To be frank, I honestly don't think I want to be a part of this country in light of all this.  Even if things do even out and I am able to go back to work, I think at this point it'll be short lived.  Because if there's one good thing that came out of this entire pandemic experience, it's that I got to see everything and everyone for what and who they truly are at their core.  This shone a floodlight on the scared, intolerant, self-righteous little cowards who would sell out their freedom for a shred of 'security' and would vote for any duplicitous scumbag who would promise them a free lunch, then turn around and tolerate scandal after fucking scandal from said scumbag, the likes of which would have gotten any other public servant fired or thrown in jail if they had been involved in even a fraction of, while he continues to waste our money and take our freedoms at every opportunity.  People who, while calling the hated 'anti-vaxxers' selfish, lack the intelligence and foresight to realize how rights and freedoms truly work, failing to see that an affront on one person's rights and freedoms is an affront to everyone's - including theirs.

First chance I get? I'm hauling ass out of here. It can all burn, for all I care, because if this can happen once, it'll happen again. This was a shot across the bow.

If you don't have a problem with what's going on and you truly believe you have sufficient moral high ground to impose your personal choices on people, then YOU are the entire cause of the problem and you can pay full price for your lifestyle of ignorance and sloth. Give yourself a pat on the back. You earned it.

All in all, I'm just wondering what the hell it was all for...


  1. Amen brother. When science ceased to be open to testing by any one for any reason and when people have not been able to ask to see the science long work and the results of tests and expiraments it ceased being science and became religious dogma, untestable unprovable, and only open to the high priests of thos new religion medical politic amalgum.
    Their mantra is no questions have faith , the science is settled and do it or else. When they start cuing cattle cars at the train depots? We know where the infadels go after that. A-la ww2.

  2. You said it very, very well. It's really hard to add anything to what you said. The last six months of this mass-injection frenzy has brought out the very worst in this country. Or rather, maybe it has actually brought out the true nature of what Canadians really are. And it disgusts me to the core.

    The worst part are these idiotic passports. Have you seen or heard any of the double-injected protesting them? Have any stood up for human rights of those that don't want to be injected? I sure haven't. It appears that the double-injectees in this country fully support this dictatorial and anti-scientific nonsense.

    I have been utterly ostracised by my own family over my refusal to participate in this experiment on the general public. I have been disinvited from family gatherings, get-togethers and even christenings.

    I think I'd like to leave this country as well...but the question is, to where?

    1. That is a good question. "to where?" indeed...because the people behind all this have made it very clear that they won't stop. Ever.

  3. Godspeed! Hope you find your haven, still searching for mine. Luckily I work from home now so I don't "endanger" my coworkers when I bring my covid recovered self into the office. If I have to travel to home office in January I will take my test, bring my mask (the one that says "Let's Go Brandon", and stay in my hotel room since I won't have a "pass" to enter any dining places. If that's not good enough for them, well, it will be adios amigos.

  4. Hey, Florida is nice... DeSantis has offered up a "bounty" for hiring non-vaxxed Cops... you might want to check us out! We'd rather have a canoehead expat here than a New Yawker or Califrutopian. Great writeup too. If you're going to keep doing writeups, let me know and I'll link you at my blog. It's an eeee-vil whypeepo superpreemicyst antisemitic site (to anyone even remotely on the left)

    1. I would LOVE to work for a PD in Florida. Unfortunately, it appears they don't accept non-US citizens, even if they are experienced police officers. This seems to be the norm in the US today.

      I'll definitely keep doing the writeups, personal circumstances permitting. I actually remember coming across your blog through Aesop's blog, as I've been following him, John Mosby, Matt Bracken, and others for quite a few years. Your writing is pretty top shelf too.

    2. Appreciate It! My mind (as deranged as it is) drippings occasional congeal into something useful. I added you to my roll of Miscreants and Assorted Scum. Welcome Welcome! I'll announce it tomorrow.

      Aslso, if yer really bored and have time on yer hands, I have poasts from about 2 years ago on "how to build your own Mil-Grade Flamethrower" Tools, Parts.. the whooooooooole magilla... If'n you got time on your hands, well, Not sure for Canoehead Law Roolz, but a Flammenwerfer -might- be a good tool to have onhand WHEN it's time to go 'sporky'...

      Jes' Sayin'

  5. Criminal charges have to be laid against the vax pushers. If anyone dies of so called covid after getting the vax it is the vax that is killing them. The so called virus has never been isolated by anyone in the world to date. Those that died of so call covid died from other causes and really bad treatment. After anyone tested positive with the bogus testing they got all the wrong treatment. The so called deaths may have even been caused by the flu vaccines. Now they want to bring back the flu and of course sell more so called vaccines. All the links to reports the virus has not been isolated are here. Freedom of information is a wonderful thing. So called covid patients had a lot of blood clots well the flue vaccines can do just that. Reporting criminal activity to the police is the way to go. Even the drug companies cannot hide from that. Fraud is just one of those charges that need to be laid.
    When it comes to the CBC many of those commenting could be paid trolls. The UN sent out that lot quite a while back and in the UK they sent out the 77 brigade. Lord only knows how many others have been hired to do the same thing. Drug companies and their partners like Bill gates also manage to pay off the media and probably also hired trolls to make people think many love the idea of the vaccines, lockdowns, mask wearing etc. Millions world wide tells us the trolls are just that lieing trolls. Millions are out their protesting all over the world. Of course the main stream media will never tell anyone about that.

    1. Yeah, it's a steaming pile of crap, to be sure. Every day, I read or hear about someone double vaxxed getting covid and dying or getting sick, or dying and getting sick from being vaxxed, yet it still seems to be those filthy unclean people like me that are the cause of it all. These idiots can't even get their story straight anymore.

      As for your assertion that the posters on that CBC article may be paid trolls, that might be true for some of them, but not all of them. I recently had a heated discussion with an EMT who was a huge proponent of the vaccine mandates, trying to tell me that it keeps us safer and it keeps the ICU beds open - which is horseshit because they were cutting ICU beds prior to the start of the pandemic. We were set up for failure, right from the start which is something he of all people should have known.

      Yeah, maybe some of them are trolls...but we have a lot of idiots in Canada. After all, Justin Trudeau gets to run the place for a reason.

  6. Just damn. I wish I could broadcast this far and wide. The best I can do is link on social(ist) media, with small quotes. The problem is, the entire post is a pull quote, but I'll do what I can.

  7. My mother got vax'd, even after MANY sourced articles and solid data showed how dangerous they were. She was very healthy, no co-morbidities other than age....she's elderly.

    Well, in a short time, she got a bleeding disorder. She wouldnt see her doctor about it. Even after she needed a tooth extracted and the extraction had to be stopped prematurely due to excessive, non-stop bleeding....And she still wouldn't go to her doctor for blood tests.

    So last week, she had a stroke -- an acute ischemic stroke. She was found within 15 minutes and 911 came fast, administered tPA and she did about as well as expected. She was in ICU for 5 days, then in a different unit for a day for observation while starting a bunch of new medicines. She's now released and home, so we are making loads of therapy and care arrangements.

    After the appropriate scans, it was discovered that she had atrial fibrillation (undiagnosed until the stroke). There is a correlation between AF and the COVID vax. And, there's a correlation between strokes and the COVID vax.

    After I visited, I could tell she now has some dementia, too. She couldn't remember things that she had just done, or conversations we just had. So she probably has vascular dementia, caused by the stroke.

    And in speaking w/ my oldest, adult son, I began to tell him that she obviously has had severe problems with the COVID vax. Never say this to a full-on Leftist because they know sooo much more than an adult who is well-read on the subject of these COVID injections, the lack of trials done, the patents, the adverse reactions/incident reports, the deaths reported on VAERS, etc.

    So imagine having a mother in a condition like this, being the primary medical caregiver (legally), and your adult kid starts yelling at you because he got "triggered" and is so intolerant of any mention of these COVID injections being dangerous, unsafe, untested, and deadly. I don't think he realized that I could fight back harder, and didn't give a rat's azz whether he got "triggered" or not.
    My tolerance for radical Leftism is ZERO, and when the line gets crossed and respect is not shown, the war is on. The hell if it's "family" or not.....I don't want commies in my family.

  8. Exactly what you said. Much better than I would or could have phrased it.

  9. Well stated, Centurion. This coming Wednesday is my last day at Kalitta Air due to them enforcing Brandin's not-a-mandate. They won't back off, either, regardless of the various stays and injuctions. Then again, I guess Brandon's penis is pretty far down the owner's throat...


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