Money Talks

I sure miss the days when a commercial or advertisement was working to separate you from your money by simply trying to sell you a product or service.  They weren't trying to make some virtue signalling statement, lecturing their potential customer base on what they perceive to be popular views on racial or social justice, ON TOP of trying to sell you their product or service.  While I can certainly tell you that has certainly influenced how I spend my money, that hasn't been a bad thing and it's maybe not the way you might think.

For the record, I'm really a 'freedom and liberty' minded guy.  Politically, I consider myself homeless.  I don't think politicians are the answer to our problems and, in fact, I'd go so far as to say that 98% of the politicians out there have directly caused the raging garbage truck fire that is today's societal breakdown by their divisive and inflammatory rhetoric and policies which have only served to harm their opposition.  They sure as hell haven't solved any real problems and I doubt they ever will because they don't give a shit and they're mostly incompetent to start with.

I'm mostly kindred with conservatives, so long as they leave me the hell alone and stay out of my personal life.  Conversely, I absolutely fucking hate leftists, be they liberals and democrats or more extreme types like socialists, Marxists and communists, because they absolutely CANNOT leave people the hell alone and see fit to impose themselves and whatever their thoughts and beliefs are on anyone and everyone they can.  Unless you've been living under a rock, it should be very obvious that they've been A LOT more militant about that.

Much of the marketing we see today has this shrill, irritating 'woke' slant to it.  Whether it's Gillette razors or Coca-Cola, they're not satisfied with people spending their money on their products, they seem to feel they have to go further and do 'their part' for so-called 'social equity' by lecturing everyone on how certain western traditions (particularly western Anglo-Saxon, or even traditional conservative values and social mores) are the cause of all the problems in society today.  Pretty much all this marketing is designed to point the finger at and vilify that segment of the population.

Now, it's gone even a step further, where 'anti-vaxxers' are now firmly entrenched in the 'basket of deplorables'.  Recently, Chapman's, a Canadian company that makes ice cream and other frozen deserts based out of Ontario, made news when it was announced that they were incentivizing their staff to get the clot shot by giving each staff member who did a $1 raise.  Chapman's, to their credit, hadn't instituted a mandate, ordering people to get the clot shot and they weren't firing or mistreating anyone who didn't get the shot.  

But allegedly, a group of 'anti-vaxxers' took issue with this and announced a 'boycott' of the company, citing discrimination.  Okay, whatever, but what took place after that was a bunch of pro-vaxxers took full opportunity to virtue signal, taking to Twitter and announcing that they were proud and supportive of Chapman's.  I saw a couple of tweets on one such thread where people were announcing that they don't even eat ice cream but were gonna buy Chapman's ice cream anyway, just to support the company.

In the end, Chapman's sales probably saw a not insignificant increase in profits over all this.  But...not from my goddamn wallet.  To me, this isn't about being 'pro-vaxx' or 'anti-vaxx' or anything like that.  What Chapman's did was throw another couch on the dumpster fire and contribute to the divides in society on the issue by pulling this stunt and they profited off of it.  Super greasy, scumbag move and because of that, I won't be giving them a single nickel of my money from this day forward.

Same again with Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC).  I used to LOVE their coffee, especially their lighter 'Snipers Hide' and 'Silencer Smooth' blends.  But I went out of my way to support the company because, while they marketed themselves with a 'pro gun, conservative slant', they were also very supportive of military veterans and first responders (nurses, fire, EMS, and law enforcement).  But earlier this year, when owners Mat Best and Evan Hafer did that New York Times interview after the left went insane over some pictures of BRCC apparel being seen in the January 6 incident at the White House and again in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where Kyle Rittenhouse was seen wearing BRCC apparel, Best and Hafer threw a good chunk of BRCC's customer base under the bus by disavowing much of the conservative right in an effort to try and pander to the Brooklyn hipster leftist types who aren't interested in rational discourse and haven't been for a very, very long time.  Apparently, Best and Hafer didn't get the memo on that - assuming I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, which I'm not because they are not stupid guys.

What he SHOULD have said to the NYT in response to the January 6 and Kenosha incidents is this: "Look, we just make coffee and market that to ANYONE who wants to buy it.  EVERYONE is a potential customer, regardless of their politics.  We can't control who buys or wears our apparel any more than any other company out there.  We just support vets and first responders - people who also serve and protect EVERYONE".  I would have totally been behind that, because as a first responder and military veteran, I was there for everybody.  I never got to pick who I served and who I didn't, and even the thought of doing something like that never once occurred to me.

Instead, what Best and Hafer did was contribute to the division in society by picking a side in the culture war and, last I checked, are losing a ton of capital over that decision.

"Get woke, go broke", so the saying goes.

Vote with your wallet, people.  These self-righteous idiots in corporate need to be reminded that people aren't looking to them for morality lessons or political statements - they're looking to them for quality products and services they need.  If they're going to persist, then stop buying their shit, especially if it's piss poor quality.  Money talks.  This isn't about joining a camp in the 'left vs right' or 'vaxxer vs anti-vaxxer' or any of the other conflicts, manufactured to divide people.  This is about getting the corporations who make things everybody needs to tone the bullshit down and get back to basics, lest they go bankrupt.

Drew Carey once said it best: "I believe the answers to the problems we face as a society won't come from government, they'll come from us.  So what we choose to spend our time and money on is far more important than who you vote for".

He's 100% on point.  I firmly believe the politicians are not coming to save us.  But we can save ourselves and the way to do it starts with what you spend your time and money on.

Just my $0.02...CAD, by the way.


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