The Stupidest Story Ever Told

This whole COVID-19 matter has been one, long unrelenting train of stupid.  Right from the very start, when the government, legacy media, and all the corporate scumbags who directly profited from it, lit the fuse on this whole powder keg, this pandemic has shown itself, without exception, to be the biggest scam in the history of mankind.

I think it was Shakespeare who once said "all the world's a stage".  If that's true, then this pandemic has really been nothing more than a very poorly written play with a predictable script, terrible actors, and shitty props.

It started when pretty much the entirety of the developed world (with a few notable exceptions) collectively had the everloving holy shit scared out of them when COVID-19 was announced by the legacy media and government, framed as this existential and extremely virulent life threatening disease that was definitely going to wipe out most of humanity.  It caused a great number of people to become totally unglued, buying all sorts of bullshit they didn't even think of going anywhere near, no later than the day before it kicked off.  

All sorts of sabre rattling and international shenanigans ensue, with most everyone pointing the finger at China, because this virus was first believed to have come from people over there consuming bats bought from a wet market in Wuhan, but then later comes to light that Wuhan also is supposedly home to a huge bio-weapons lab.  At this point, it seems very likely that the COVID-19 virus did come from there, created through 'gain of function' research on bat coronaviruses.  'Gain of Function' is essentially genetic engineering in a life form where it can perform a function it normally couldn't.  In this case tweaking a virus found in bats so it can infect something it couldn't normally - in this case, humans.

Then after a few months of this lunacy passes, out of nowhere, big government swoops in to save the day with these 'vaccines' that they initially said wouldn't be ready for several years.  They don't make the vaccines mandatory outright, probably because they were assuming that enough people were scared of the dreaded Kung Flu that everyone would simply take the vaccine. 

Of course, not everybody out there is a complete fucking idiot and decided to do their homework and, wouldn't ya know it, it came to light that there's absolutely NO information on long term efficacy or safety on ANY of these 'vaccines' because they simply skipped that crucial part before rolling them out on the public.  Oh, and also the Center for Disease Control (CDC) changed the definition of 'vaccine' in order to classify these as such AND granted the major pharmaceutical companies (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, et al.) legal indemnification so they cannot be sued for any severe adverse reactions to these....substances.  At some point, this 'Delta' variant came out, which was supposedly more deadlier and contagious than normal COVID-19, but to date, I have not seen any methods or testing to determine the difference between either.  I don't think anyone has.

THEN, the government turns the idiocy dial up to 'eleven' by declaring this whole fracas a 'Pandemic of the Unvaccinated', pointing the finger at the people (like me) who called bullshit on this entire affair.  We had heads of state like the fucking muppet drama teacher who pretends to run my country, Justin Trudeau, openly declaring war on his own workforce, telling them they essentially do not have the discretion to decide what goes in their bodies by mandating the 'vaccine', and saying there will be 'consequences' for those who do not comply. This more or less led us to where we're at now where we see a pretty noticeable divide in society between people who unquestioningly obeyed the government and ignored the discrepancies in the narrative and got the 'clot shot' anyway...and people who've been studiously paying attention to what's going on, understanding that the government that's pulling this crap is the very same government that's been pulling all sorts of evil, slimy, black bag schemes on the public for well over a century, and promptly (and rightly) told the government to fuck off.

Turns out, the skeptical and hesitant had their apprehension somewhat validated after everyone who lined up and got the shot found they were no less at risk of contracting and spreading the virus despite having been 'fully vaccinated' - a term that's open to constant re-definition at the discretion of Fauci and the so-called 'experts'.  According to these 'experts', this is somehow the fault of all the people who didn't get the shot.  As an added kick in the crotch, the 'vaccines' have proven themselves to be quite unsafe - according to information on the CDC's VAERS database, the COVID-19 vaccines have caused more deaths and severe adverse reactions in the short amount of time they've been available than EVERY SINGLE VACCINE used in the last 30 years COMBINED.  This isn't even conspiracy theory - this is THEIR own numbers.

Now, with vaccination rates in the developed world supposedly well over 90% on average (according to their numbers - which are probably bullshit, given that they STILL claim un-vaccinated people are clogging up all the ICU beds), they decided to come out and announce ANOTHER goddamn variant, this time they call it 'Omicron', which according to them is supposed to be even MOAR deadlier and contagious than both Regular Covid and Delta....only this time, it's exclusively from Africa, where not more than a week prior to this 'Omicron' discovery, they had realized that Africa has the lowest rates of infection AND vaccination against COVID.  It's almost like they completely forgot about Africa, which really is a testament to how little the rest of the world - especially the virtue signalling leftists - actually give a shit about the place...but that's beside the point.

I swear.  At this point, short of having these dickheads whisper 'Hail Hydra', this has all the makings of a really shitty Marvel movie.  I don't even think those hacks in Hollywood could write a plot this predictable and awful.  Mark my words, in the next 3 to 6 months, when all this 'Omicron' horseshit dies down, they'll find some 'new' variant which is even more contagious, deadly, etc. in some other forgotten part of the world, like India or Japan, that did things their own way because they realized how utterly retarded people in the developed parts of the western hemisphere appear to be. Oh, and it can ONLY be cured by getting 'the jab'.

Every single day I wake up and all I have to do is read and see more of this dumpster fire and I am eternally grateful that I didn't cave in and get the shot.  I won't cave in, either.  While I don't look down on people who did get the shot - everyone had their reasons and everyone had their choice - I will NOT have my choice taken away.

This really is guerilla warfare in a sense, because while I don't have the artillery and heavy weapons and superior numbers (in a figurative sense) to achieve a decisive victory over the government and corporate apparatus that has declared war on people like me, I CAN deny them a victory by holding the line.  The last 70 years have shown how well these clowns fare against guerilla warfare.  Spoiler alert: they kinda suck.  The Vietnam conflict shows ample evidence of that, as does the last 20 years we wasted in Afghanistan.

If you're feeling bummed out about this, don't.  Don't let these tyrannical psychopaths make you feel trapped and alone, the way they WANT you to.  Because they DO want you to feel that way.  Social media, legacy media, all that crap is specifically designed to do that.  They haven't won yet and they won't.  Consider: if they truly had the full public support they want you to think they have and they had the wherewithal to do it, they'd force this stuff into people.  The more they push, the more they treat people like shit, the more people will push back.  It'll take time, but I do believe it will happen because it always does. 

If nothing else, try to keep this in mind: every day you don't get the shot, you win and they lose.  It's as simple as that.


  1. How is it stupid if it works? Globalist goals are being realized at a very rapid pace due solely to covid hysteria.

    1. Have to agree. The left is running circles around the meek brainwashed and misguided conservatives, and all we hear are empty threats of action, any day now. Any day now.......

    2. Yep, both the hopium drinking cuckserve - a - tards and the Q - morons
      that STILL believe that their 'Laaaawwd 'n Saaavviour' Drumphshtick
      will descend in glory upon a silver maned Unicorn to the right of jesus
      with 'the Gipper' to his left with Charlie Kirk, Bill Whittle and Alex Joenstein
      all singing 'Halle -whatever as backup..and that Lin Wood will give the legal
      blessing for them to proceed with a freshly printed copy of the [con]stapooption
      in his hand...and that the useful puppets of the Globalist pedo Rothschild banksters
      will gnash their teeth in dismay..flee America for their bolshevist hid-e-holes and
      that white Christian America will be saved from (((THEIR))) indoctrinated hate
      infused welfare addicted nigger supremacists wielding their 'SUV's - a - Death'!!!


      If people want this currently bolshivest run shit hole called America to be
      cleaned up, it's going to have to be done the old way...the hard way..with
      LOTS of violence with extreme prejudice meted out to the bolshi's and their
      enablers, supporters and those badged orcs and orcettes that would make
      the stupid mistake of trying to defend them.

      Heads on pikes type of violence...regime media mouthpieces gutted like
      a Whitetail and left hanging upside down from overpasses type of violence...

      The kind of solution that makes perfumed pantywaists like charlie kirk
      immediately have a immediate liquid shit dump as a reaction to it.

      Both Sarah Hoyt and Claire Wolfe would have their eyes roll back from
      shock and then have fainting spells that would put Scarlet O to shame.

      It's past time to go FULL Vlad the Impaler with flammenwerfer backup
      but that's just me.

      NorthGunner - The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

    3. Couldn't have said it better myself

    4. @ Zorost: I'm not so sure it is working, hence the constant shifting of the goalposts and ever-changing narrative. The amount of people around the world that are pissed off about everything seems to be growing. I say it's 'stupid' more in the sense that how this has played out is beyond absurd.

      @ Everyone else: Yup. I don't disagree. I don't think Trump or any politician is coming to save us and right this mess. There may well need to be bloodshed to stop this and that may well happen yet.

      I mean, why haven't any of YOU opened the ball on this, if you know that this is the answer to the problem? I'll tell you why: it hasn't hit your bottom line yet. You have something to lose. We all do. I'd be willing to bet that each of you also know that if things do get that bad, there won't be any going back. Not a decision to make lightly.

      Right now, they're just starting to float the idea of making this shot mandatory. When TPTB send cops to people's doors to seize kids or physically force the jab into people? That will change the dynamic of this situation significantly.

    5. JL,
      1. They're sending cops to peoples doors in Australia and nobody is shooting back.
      2. I live in the most remote corner of the lower 48, why would I leave here to get involved in your neighborhood cleanup? Not my problem, deal with your own AO. Mines empty as far as the eye can see, and for good reason.

    6. Read "Against the Gauls" by Julius Caesar, or any historical account of tribal groups assaulted by a superior force such as the American Indians, Irish, everyone vice the Mongols, or everyone vice Islam. It's been play tested, we known how that works out.

    7. @ Wyomarine:

      1.) Yeah, I heard all about Australia. I bet they wish they hadn't given up their guns. Still, on the other hand, guns didn't exactly help the government forces in post Apartheid South Africa - I think cops down there are STILL being killed for their firearms. Things in Australia are still hitting fever pitch. Dissent is growing, so don't count them out yet. I'm waiting to see how sporky things get in Europe, IF they get that stupid. We're seeing numerous heads of state in places like Sweden and Austria leaving office VERY shortly after just being elected. Something rotten afoot.

      2.) I'm not asking you to do a damn thing. I love you guys down in the US more than most of my fellow Canadians, but you've got your own problems. In any event, you've clearly done what most sensible people have done in that you've drawn the line at your front door. It's one thing to fight for abstracts like ideals. Quite another to fight for your kin because the aggressors have made it personal.

      Not necessarily you I'm speaking on here, Wyomarine, but I really wish people would spare me the 'Vlad Tepes, heads on spikes, burn it all down' horseshit - especially if they're not the ones willing to light that particular fuse. If things carry on as they are, we may well get that, but if it happens, we might not like it. In fact, I know we won't - especially those of us who have kids that will have to grow up in a fucking warzone.

    8. JL,
      I'm Canuck by birth (Vancouver), grew up in the states and a little of everywhere, looked at Quesnel 30 yrs ago and decided to stay in Wyoming, it's home.
      I don't think the men of Canada, Oz or the USA are all that different, we just suffer from a severe case of brainwashing in the post WW2 white Christian world. Find the root of that problem and cut the head off the snake. Reprogramming men to be what they were 100 yrs ago is another issue, for until then, we will continue to live among soy boys, and servitude
      PS, one nice thing here in Yellowsone country, we have plenty of swamp donkeys too..

    9. @ Wyomarine:

      I loved Vancouver. Haven't been there since was a great place then, but that was also at a time when this socio-political crap didn't dominate every single discourse between everyone. I live in northerb Alberta, Canada's own 'basket of deplorables'. Matt Bracken once told me it's alot like Wyoming in some ways. I've lived here pretty much my entire life and I love the place, but it seems like socially, the landscape is changing.

      As you probably know, being from Canada, we've always had a tendency to lean left. This always annoyed me, but it was tolerable up until a few years ago. Now, if I wasn't a prisoner here for refusing to bend the knee and get the clot shot, I'd be gone.

      I think you're right about Americans, Canadians, Aussies, etc. being kindred in many ways. I think humans are, for the most part, creatures of necessity. I do think they will change for the better eventually. This isn't hopium, either- it's just the natural order of things. Humans are meant to be free. One thing I've learned about people while working in policing for almost the last 20 years is that they want safety and security, but not to the point where it inconveniences them. When the state starts to push more and more towards the imbalance we are seeing, and it affects the bottom line of each individual, that's when we will see things change. How far this goes, how long this takes, and whether we will live to see it, remains to be seen.

  2. Covid was necessary. After US Peak Fracking Oil in 2018, the 2019 banker liquidity crisis followed. The economy had to be shut down to save the bankers. Which is why they are still selling the pandemic narrative. It helps to know WHY stupidity is institutionalized. Enjoy your decline!

    1. My decline? Unless you're living on Mars, this is probably gonna suck for you too. You won't enjoy it any more than anyone else.

      That aside, you're absolutely right. This is all about the benjamins and the establishment's propensity for kicking the can down the road. I've lost count how many times in the last decade alone that the US government has averted a 'shutdown'.


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