And this one time, at vax camp...

Last week, hot on the heels of Prime Minister Blackface's commentary on the 'unclean' (which I ranted about in my last post), the federal health minister, Jean-Yves Duclos, did a press conference where he stated that he believes federal vaccination mandates are coming in Canada, but stressed emphatically that it will be the individual provinces that will mandate and implement them.

Here's my take on this:

When I read this in the news, I immediately thought of the statement made by that decrepit pedophile fraud pretending to run the United States made very recently with regards to the scam-demic and the unconstitutional clot shot mandates he tried pressing on his own people.  Essentially, when Biden said "there is no federal solution to COVID-19", what he was really saying was "Welp.  We tried.  We tried to implement a mandate, but we can't, so it'll have to be handled by the individual states".  I don't want to jinx anything, but it looks like in spite of itself and how they're proving to be stupider than a bag of brass doorknobs, SCOTUS is preparing to nuke Biden's mandates which were already getting a thorough ass kicking in the courts since he implemented them because they were blantantly illegal, well outside of his jurisdiction, and he damn well knew it.

So, basically...the government created a problem, that being their draconian and unsustainable response measures, AND posited that only THEY could solve these problems, proceeded to fuck up THEIR solution, then said "aw, screw it" and passed the buck on to somebody else.  How typically leftist.

So, then this health minister moron comes out and states something similar, basically saying "YES.  We want this shot in every man, woman, and child in the country, and we can't really do anything to make this happen, but I 'think' the provinces will do it for us".  'It' ostensibly meaning 'rounding up people who haven't got the shot and throwing them in camps' is a popular and not unfounded theory. Another is that the non-submissive could be subject to assault by having the shot forced into them. I wouldn't rule out either with the way these fucking lunatics are talking.

This 'could' well happen in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia and quite probably the maritimes and Mantioba.  Alberta and Saskatchewan have already said "no fucking way".  Even in the provinces that would be stupid enough to try a stunt like that, I do think there would be significant resistance to this.  Europe and Australia, where some of these more tyrannical and extreme measures are being implemented are still seeing massive riots with many injuries for both demonstrators and cops.  Only reason you're not seeing anyone dead yet is because these countries are disarmed and things haven't yet hit fever pitch - they're just getting started.

Another blogger I have a great deal of respect for recently put his $.02 CAD in on the matter.  You can read it here:

I don't think he is off base at all with the possibility that the Federal government would use the courts to supersede provincial jurisdiction over health care in Canada, using the carbon tax/climate change issue as sort of legal precedent, in an effort to draft and ram through a mandatory vaccine law.  I do think that this would be significantly more difficult for them to do because of the Charter issues that arise from doing such a thing (arguing about bodily autonomy with regards to highly disputed 'science' is a far more complex argument than arguing about extorting money from a province over the weather).  

I also know that the federal government does not have the means to implement and enforce such laws, for reasons I alluded to in my last rant.  I heard recently from someone in the know that with just the military, Canada has 'on paper' around 5000 combat troops.  Not reservists, but regular army troops.  Of those, at least 1/5 of them are trying to get out of the military altogether because it's a dumpster fire where they're more concerned with 'diversity' lectures and other sorts of idiotic browbeating than they are with training in actual warfighting.  To say the standards have fallen would be understatement.  Domestic law enforcement is equally a terrible, hot mess. And again, this is just on paper - this doesn't even take into account all those people who will simply not show up because this is a step too far for them and isn't what they signed up for.  I know for a fact that there are a great many of those people still in uniform. 

So, who is supposed to throw all the unclean in camps? Who, exactly, is going to forcibly inject them? Because unless the soy fed, latte swilling globohomo liberal assholes in the trendy areas of Toronto who are frothing at the mouths wanting someone else to do all the hard work for them are willing to enlist and pick up a rifle and do it themselves, I don't know who else will do the job.

Now....this all being said, I personally don't think ANY of this will stop PM Blackface and his cabal of idiots from trying to go ahead with any of their plans.  I doubt they're going to pack up and go home and call it a day.  That'd be the smart play.  But we're not talking about smart people.

I'd like to think that PM Blackface wouldn't be stupid enough to take this issue to the wire and put the lives of people in this country in direct risk, but I'm not nearly that naive.  Everything he has said and done has demonstrably conveyed that he doesn't give a shit about this country or anybody in it.  He's consistently shown he lacks any semblance of awareness of any of the issues at the ground level of a conflict he himself has created. Lately, even in mainstream circles in Canadian media, there are actually valid concerns and questions being raised regarding PM Blackface's sanity and grip on reality based on his statements and actions. He may well be losing his marbles, assuming he had a full bag to begin with.

I don't mean to spread hopium here, but the way things are going now and with some of the things being said, this narrative seems to be in a death spiral in a way that I don't think the engineers of this anticipated.  The increasing threats and scare campaigns.  Threats to round up people and put them in camps.  These, or threats of any kind, are not the sorts of things you hear from people who are actually in control.  The fact is, they are NOT in control, but they want people to think they are.  They want to elicit panic and, if they're lucky, an emotional response (preferably a violent one) from the people they're victimizing.  This way, they can come back and say "See?  It's all those unclean, racist, unvaxxed people!  They're a danger.  We need to erase them".  That will justify, in their twisted minds, whatever follows, none of it good.  20th century history is fraught with examples of this, unfortunately.

So....whatever you do, don't panic.  Now is the time to stay cool as a cucumber.  Get your preps in order.  Link up with like minded people.  Share knowledge.  Share skill sets.  There is strength in numbers.  But most importantly, in my humble opinion, you need to get your mind right.  Start to cultivate an understanding of our adversary, your own needs/strengths/limitations, and the battlespace - this is key in developing your preps and is not something to be taken lightly.  Amateurs talk gear and tactics; professionals talk about logistics and strategy.

Start looking at working well outside your comfort zone and start thinking about the possibility of having to do some things that might make you....squeamish.  Because if THEY are in the frame of mind that they want to start throwing you in a camp or worse, and YOU haven't even considered the possibility of having to render these bastards horizontal by way of hot lead or cold steel, then you're way behind the curve.  Like I said in my last post, you have some time left but it is precious little and it's burning fast.

There may be some silver linings to these storm clouds.  I hope I, and everyone like me, are completely wrong about all of this.  But I'm not willing to take that to the bank.

Pray for the best and prepare for the worst.

Good luck and Godspeed.


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