Well, well, well....apparently the tide is turning on the politicians, media pundits, so-called 'experts', and other assorted asswipes and idiots that managed to convince the entire planet that everyone was going to die and absolutely, positively, without a doubt HAD to submit to their 'masters' in government and have an experimental mRNA substance injected into their bodies.

It seems people have not only caught on that they were lied to the entire time, clued in by the constantly shifting narrative and goalposts, but also that the substance they injected into themselves all willy-nilly not only doesn't work in protecting them from the virus or spreading it to others, no matter how many doses you take, but does, in fact, actually destroy their immune system - revelations only known now thanks to the several dozens of bona fide doctors and scientists - leaders in their chosen disciplines - who cared more about the integrity of their chosen professions than the money taken by their contemporaries that turned them into whores.

That, unfortunately, is going to be a massive kick in the dick for a lot of people.  I've read on another blog, probably Busted Knuckles, that the black pill is the hardest one to swallow.  He wasn't fucking kidding.  

I'm not sure how I feel about it, personally, especially since A LOT of people I know (family, acquaintances, and coworkers) not only told me I was insane for trying to warn them of what they're only finding out now, but I'm fairly certain wouldn't have had any problems with the 'unclean', like my kids and I, mercilessly thrown into fucking internment camps.  The compassionate side of me, which I don't think is completely dead, would like to hope that there's a cure for what's been done to these people.  That maybe they could be saved and given a second chance.  That maybe they've seen the error of their ways.

On the other hand?  For some of them, ESPECIALLY the ones I personally witnessed cruelty and condemnation from, towards people who didn't take the clot shot?  Thoughts and prayers, fuckers.

Amid all this, I happened to catch a small clip, courtesy of Paul Joseph Watson:


 Holy fucking crap.  Seriously?

 In the clip, this intellectually bankrupt harpy, Ngaire Woods (who happens to be a professor at Oxford) goes on to say the elites get along and trust each other, but the commoners don't trust them in every single country where they operate.

Really?  Now why the hell do you think that is, Ngaire??  Could it be because, for decades, you and people like you have been lying to, cheating, and stealing from us 'common folk'?  Could it have anything to do with the fact that you barely regard us as human beings, if you bother to pay attention at all?  Do you suppose it could have anything to do with how pretty much EVERY DAMN THING you people do is at the expense of common people?  I mean, Jesus tap dancing Murphy...you even refer to yourselves as the 'elite'.  Self aware much?

I wonder if it ever once occurred to these people to, even once, put themselves in the shoes of a commoner and ask themselves what it would be like to live under the 'rules' and 'policies' that they expect everybody else but them to live under?  I know, I know....of course they didn't.

I'm a HUGE fan of the Raging Dissident podcast up here in Canada - never miss a show and I HIGHLY recommend it (https://ragingdissident.com/).  Recently, he did a rant on something that I'd been saying for years: there are no 'left' or 'right' wings.  It's the common people vs. these uber wealthy, uber powerful bastards who spend immense amounts of time and money getting the commoners to fight over bullshit like political ideology, religion, and whatever else they can conjure up so that WE aren't paying attention to how hard THEY continue to fuck with us.  These people don't give a rusty fuck about any of us, no matter who we vote for, what God we worship, what brand of laundry detergent we use, none of it.  They fucking hate us, that much should be obvious by now.

And they're actually so fucking stupid, despite all their education and experience that supposedly makes them oh-so-better than us proles, they can't even understand why WE don't trust them.  

Consider the COVID-19 narrative.  You want to know why it's falling apart?  Because they're not very smart people.  They decided to use GOVERNMENT to administer and carry out their plans with the pandemic.  Government - the most bottom shelf, half-assed, inefficient, bloated, and wasteful institution on the planet; they were counting on this to carry out THEIR plans to do....shit, I don't even know anymore.  Bring about a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)? De-populate the planet? Bring about a social credit system?  Could be any of these things, all of them, or none of them.  I don't know and I don't care.  I DO know they weren't being honest and I knew that all along, which is precisely why I went along with NONE of it.

But they counted on the grossly incompetent and profoundly ignorant governments of the world (particularly the developed world) to carry out these plans and, true to form, they fucked it up.  These 'elites' are the worst example of the Dunning-Kruger effect I have ever seen.  They're dumb and they suck, and everybody knows it except them because they're dumb and they suck.

 Right now, there's a massive convoy of truckers and supporters heading to Ottawa to confront Prime Minister Blackface over his bullshit vaccine mandates.  At the time of this writing, these guys have raised well over a million and a half dollars since Wednesday afternoon.  They're showing the balls and the honour that a good deal of our so-called 'heroes' in law enforcement and the military SHOULD have shown, but couldn't be bothered to, instead leaving assholes like me to stand alone.

I hope these guys succeed.  I hope they force a stop to these fucking mandates and I hope they topple this corrupt government in every way that the majority of apathetic, lazy, mouth breathing assholes in this country couldn't in THREE goddamn elections. I don't think they're gonna back down. Prime Minister Blackface basically kicked a tiger in the balls here. He'd better have a plan to deal with the teeth.

Show some support to these truckers, if you can.  They're not doing this to 'throw a tantrum' or because they're 'afraid of a needle' - comments I've seen from a lot of gutless scumbags on social media.  They're doing it because, despite what the artsy-fartsy 'intellectual' crowd tends to think of blue collar working folks, they ARE the salt of the earth, they're much more intelligent than they're given credit for, have a wealth of life experience, and believe it or not, they give a damn about our country and our rights and liberties. Rights and liberties these clueless 'elites' would rather we not had.

They deserve our support and respect.


  1. Appreciate your writing. It's very concise and measured.

    They already have contingency plans to skate us in a new direction. With inflation reaching a feverish pitch and the moment supply chains reach maximum chaos they're going jack up interest rates and collapse the real estate, stock and bond market in tandem (the elites - and yes they are actually smarter - have been cycling into tangible). With food barely available (Holodomor 2.0), people's immune systems completely wrecked (the ACE2 receptor from death shot disproportionately affects white people....I'm not joking) the remainers will be trying to shoot-stab their neighbors who were more prudent. The chaos will be blamed on the unjabbed and they'll declare martial law while introducing the CBDC....for the poked and compliant, naturally.

    There are two outcomes:
    They succeed: depopulation and technocratic commie slavery.
    They fail: depopulation and the biggest Civil/Race War in human history.


    Question: I was born and raised in NS. What's the scoop on the 2020 mass shooting. A lot of people say there were multiple shooters and it was RCMP drug ring that went sour. They never notified the province for like 16 hours, which would make me think they were destroying primary evidence. Any rumblings around that?

    I'm late for my Mandarin lesson, cheers.

    1. I appreciate your feedback and compliments. Thank you for that.

      You bring up some very good points, and what you've described (which I've read and heard from other sources) may well be how this was planned out. Unfortunately, being somewhat aware of the limitations the establishment has on keeping 'order' and seeing how public awareness of what's been going on is rising quickly (along with their not being very happy about it), I think they WILL fail and there will very likely be a civil/race war. I think it will be very similar to the Balkan conflict in the 1990s, but probably even worse.

      The other issue, which your article discusses, is that this clot shot IS killing people at a rate I don't think the 'elites' anticipated, which is why people are starting to figure out what's going on. The elites are evil, malicious, educated, and have a wealth of resources, but that does not make them wise. They have opened Pandora's Box. The chips will fall where they may.

      As to your question, I can't answer that because I honestly don't know. For two reasons: 1.) this happened in a division I don't work in; and 2.) the discussions surrounding this are happening at a level far above my pay grade.

      I'm more or less 'persona non grata' with the horsemen right now anyway, all on account of saying 'fuck you' to the clot shot.

      Cheers mate.

  2. Very well stated article. I enjoy your periodic statements of fact.

    I echo your concerns and expect the upcoming entertainment to start somewhere around March/April as the weather gets better.

    If you recall in 2018, the emerging 'Yellow Vests movement was instantly labeled as Racist, Homophobic, etc.

    I see the CBC/Media Cartel has already started the outlandish lies, by claiming the protest is about bad roads. They'll shift over to the racist/mean people narrative just about the time the truck convoy hits the Manitoba Ontario border. Keep your stick on the ice, buy more ammo.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.

      I think things have potential to get stupid WAY sooner than springtime, if this goes off the rails. The bought-and-paid-for MSM is already starting to pain this in a bad light, as predicted.

      Stay frosty, bud.

  3. Yeah, I’m kinda thinking that once the scam is done… so are Turdo and the liberals. Leaders that treat their people this way risk getting shot at or having bombs thrown at them by their people. I think you picked a good time to get out BCE. I’m seeing violent protests all around the world over this, and if it keeps up somebody is going to get hurt eventually.

    1. Oh yeah. This is going to suck hard for all parties involved. Sporky times ahead


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