I'm still standing.

I have been on hiatus for a bit. Had to relocate to another house over the holidays for reasons related to my work situation. In a nutshell, because I work in a remote area, I was living in Force quarters. When I was unceremoniously placed on 'Leave With Out Pay' for not taking the proverbial knee and submititng myself for the clot shot, it was more or less up in the air as to whether or not I'd be allowed to remain where I was or have to relocate.

I've usually always been one to take the initiative and this situation was no exception. I was already making preparations to move, even before word finally came down whether I'd have to stay or go. Eventually, I was told that I 'could' remain where I was, but I would still have to pay the rent (which I wouldn't be able to do because they're not letting me work), the rent would be going up, and the best part: they reserve the right to evict me at any time for operational needs within 30 day or less. There was no way in hell I was going to let these pricks hold me and my family over a barrell like that. Fucking with my career is one thing. Putting my family in harm's way isn't stepping over that line as much as it is drunkenly stepping up to said line, dropping trou, and taking a giant whiz on it.

So, planning ahead paid off. The move got done, one U-Haul rental and several dozen trips later. Best part about that special little gong show was how I managed to get this done in the midst of a cold snap. Northern Alberta is not the nicest of places weather wise in the winter, but this was especially brutal. One night, it got down to about -57C.  But, it got done.

I also didn't let them take Christmas from my kids, also because I planned ahead. I usually get my Christmas shopping done early as a general rule, but this year I managed to get the kids their gifts back in late August/early September, when I still had the money to do it.

Even during this whole mess, I've tried to do everything I could to make this whole ordeal suck as little as possible for my kids. I even managed to get my youngest in to see Santa Claus.

On Christmas morning, still in the midst of our move, as I watched my girls happily opening their gifts underneath the small Christmas tree we set up for them, I couldn't stop the tears welling up in my eyes.

I did it. I saved Christmas for my kids.

Those maggots who engineered this entire ordeal that's destroying the lives of so many people around the world tried to take Christmas away from my girls and I managed to stop them.

Not only that, I managed to put my girls in a decent place where they'll be safe, warm, and happy.

This isn't even close to how far I'll go, what I will endure, and how hard I'll fight to protect what little is left (that these Marxist assholes haven't ruined) that I cherish in this world.

I hope everyone reading this had as happy and safe a holiday as your individual situations allowed for. It's been a rough year, for sure. I don't know what this year will bring, but I'm not betting on anything good.

A special nod goes to people out there who are in the growing basket of 'racists and misogynists' (according to our very own 'fascist psychopath', Prime Minister 'Blackface'). If you've stood your ground and not submitted to government mandated medical tyranny, no matter where you are, I respectfully tip my hat to you. Keep holding the line.

And for anyone out there who maybe did take the shot and are maybe having second thoughts about this and are starting to wake up to what's going on, it's not too late to take a stand. You can still be on the right side of history. 

You should know by now where you stand in the eyes of our purported 'betters'. They hate you. Because of that, they don't deserve your respect or your obedience. They deserve nothing but unmitigated fury and scorn.

Do not submit. This year, become ungovernable.


  1. Sir,
    Thank you for the update on your situation. Well done, and well said. Of course its about our kids, and there is nothing we won't do to protect them. Nothing.
    We remain defiant, and our DNA is intact. We will not submit. We shall hold the line.
    God bless.
    Mike in Ontario

  2. Planing ahead is what saved us too. We busted our ass precisely because we expected the bottom to fall out of things at some point. Just how that would be we did not know, and certainly did not expect it to be like this. We got he house paid off early and squirreled enough away to keep afloat when it did and for that I am glad. Can't say we were in any sort of celebratory mood, and I don't have high hopes for the future, but common sense would have you think that at some point folks have to come to their senses about this whole shit-show and start standing up to it.

    1. Mike,

      My grandparents always used to tell me that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

      You must have grown up around people who lived similar values.

  3. What are your legal options at this point, BC? I ask because I was watching a YouTube where one of the guys in the OHSA in Red Deer actually defeated the vax mandate in court. If I recall they put the onus on the court to prove that COVID was actually a fatal disease, and the court hemmed and hawwed and threw the mandate out until they had considered the everything in full and could make a proper, informed ruling.

    What about turning the lawfare back on those buggers with personal lawsuits? Can the police associations target the brass hats responsible for this with - shall we say - frivolous legal actions? Until those guys have a personal stake in things they are just going to do what their bosses tell them. If I were in charge of such things I would be trying my level best to break their toys by any means possible.

    I still think you guys should walk out en masse. These shots are only a grain of sand in all the other ways our law enforcement guys get mistreated...

    1. Glen,

      I'm actually part of a pretty sizeable class action lawsuit that is fighting the mandates in court. It'll just take time. Win, lose, or draw, I'm laying groundwork to transition into another field and will be starting school for that right away.

      The unions, by and large, have been mostly useless because they lack the intestinal fortitude to stand up, or worse, they drank the kool-aid and actually agree with what's happening.

      As for individual members...I'm hearing a fair deal of talk on people drawing a line in the dirt and saying they won't budge any further, which is fine. But to me, talk is cheap. You're right though. If everyone just came down with 'blue flu' and didn't show up, things would be forced to change.

  4. halfdar,

    Excellent! Keep holding the line. Every day you don't give in, you win and they lose. Never forget that, my friend.


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