Unstoppable Force vs. Immovable Object

It looks like it's down to the waiting game now, where the protestors with the Freedom Convoy and the Trudeau government are both digging in their heels.  Neither side is willing to budge.

 Actually in some sense, in Trudeau's case you can't even say that.  Sure, he hasn't changed his position on vaccine mandates or any of the totalitarian crap that these protests are against, but he's done it in the most greasy, underhanded, and reptilian way conceivable.  As the protest convoy was approaching Ottawa, he first claimed he was self isolating because one of his kids got the rona, then made a hasty retreat to an 'undisclosed' location because he was fearing 'violence'.  This morning, he announced that he, himself, has now come down with kung flu, despite being 'fully vaccinated' and boosted (which actually brings right to the forefront the question of the efficacy of these damn shots), and will be self-isolating for another 14 days.  Then, he doubles down and makes a statement, saying he refuses to meet with protestors who don't share his ideas and aims.  

Not sure if he understands how this works...I mean, if the protestors shared Trudeau's ideas and aims, why the fuck would they be protesting in the first place?

I swear, if institutional cowardice was a dessert, this would be the cherry on top.  I don't know if I'm terribly surprised with how Trudeau is dealing with this, to be totally honest.  The man has the depth of character of a cardboard cutout and the intellect and wisdom of a department store mannequin.  I think he's gone into hiding because he has no idea whatsoever on how to deal with this and his own massive ego won't allow him to admit this to the Canadian public and the rest of the world, who is watching this all unfold in real time.

The protestors, by and large, have been reported to be peaceful.  In Ottawa, there was a report of only one arrest made and there was reportedly about 25,000 people at Parliament Hill on Saturday.  There were reports of idiots within the protest doing dumb shit like dancing on monuments.  There were supposedly some racist/white supremacist types seen in the crowds, also.  Probably a fair deal of minor disorderly conduct.  Having worked more than a few major events and protests in my career, this is more or less part and parcel to these sorts of mass gatherings of people.

This was, much to the chagrin of the liberals and the Canadian mainstream media, by NO means the Canadian equivalent to the supposed January 6, 2020 'insurrection' in Washington.  My hat's off to these protestors and legit members of this convoy for keeping a cool head (so far) in the face of what they knew ahead of time would be an uphill battle to win the hearts and minds of people watching.  So far, it looks like they're making significant headway.

I think the bigger disappointment here, by far, is the Official Opposition and Conservative Party of Canada leader, Erin O'Toole.  If this man had anything even remotely resembling a pair of balls, he would seize this opportunity to embrace his voter base (and maybe repair the damage he did in the last election by basically flipping them off to try to appeal to the left), and go on offense against Trudeau.  I find it hard to believe this man spent any time in the military, even though he WAS in the Air Force (I got nothing against zoomies, for the record), because he seems to lack even a basic understanding of strategy and tactics.  He could very easily capitalize on this situation, but instead he opts to take a lukewarm, middle of the road approach and appeals to precisely nobody.

In fact, I would strongly argue that it was actually O'Toole's lack of principles and spine that played a large role in creating the conditions that caused this trucker convoy to happen in the first place.

So, it's just like I said before.  It'll be down to a war of wills.  Even as the entire pandemic narrative falls to pieces around the globe, with increasing numbers of European countries dropping their mandates and policies, Canada stupidly doubles down because we're led by a profoundly stupid egomaniac.  He's stupid not only because he refuses to follow suit with the rest of the world and relent on imposing hostile policies based on signficant un-scientific bias, but also because he outright fails to realize that his policies and stance do not resonate with Canadians and they WILL NOT back down any further, regardless of what he does.  If he uses force to try to disperse them, it will only strengthen their resolve.  More people will support the protest.  Trudeau can keep doubling down with the vaccination narrative, but it's becoming more and more obvious that this is ALL about him forcing his will on everyone and jack shit to do with public health and safety.

I mean, come on.  Disregarding all the other evidence that's come to light over the safety and efficacy of the clot shots, if HE got the friggin rona, even though he's FULLY VACCINATED, then what good is it?  Why should anyone else get the shot?  What is the goddamn point?

There's probably more than a few people asking those questions right now, but I can guarantee one of them isn't Erin O'Toole.  Unfortunately.

It's going to be an interesting series of events, going forward.  I don't see either side backing down any time soon, so smoke 'em if you got 'em.


  1. I am confident that the stories about racist symbols are flat out false flag events.

    The latest bullshit is members went to a homeless shelter demanding food, which is absurd as there was literally tons of free food on site.

    One rumor I desperately hope is true, is that the lefty mayor of Ottawa was calling towing and heavy haul companies to remove the trucks blocking downtown.

    The companies responded it was impossible as they all were sick with covid.

  2. The idiots with the racist symbols may or may not have been BS. There was one photo making the rounds with a pickup truck flying the General Lee. True North Media, an alternative media source up here in Canada, offered a $1000 reward for information on who was supposedly flying the Nazi flag, but so far there have been no takers.

    The story about truckers hassling a homeless shelter was bullshit, as was the one about the various monuments and statues being defaced by truckers. These things did happen, but it was by idiots who were merely taking advantage of the events to engage in stupidity. I've seen this more times than I can count. The sad reality with events like this is that it always brings out the loony tunes who bark at the moon.

    The tow truck story is true. They're also telling the RCMP dealing with the blockade at the border in Coutts, AB to fuck off as well for the same reason.

    1. With growing admiration I say God bless my Canadian brothers and sisters. Stand tall, stay strong, take your country back.

  3. Even though 90% of the people are injected, young Mr. Castro will never let it end, because like his father Fidel he likes ruling by Decree, and without a doubt he will change the definition of what it means to be fully"vaxed" and to be fully vaxed will require boosters.
    Unless the Trudeau Regime is overthrown Canada will not ever again be free.

  4. On top of ALL this, there was a Japanese study released today that supposedly proves Ivermectin is even better at fighting ALL covid variants than what was being claimed by physicians in the field. Canada outright banned it's use and tried to destroy Doctors who were trying to do right by their patients. Plus, this:


    Gee, was it the mass poisoning? 🙄
    And a good portion of the population still believes the TV!!!
    We have a narcissistic, overgrown man boy that might spark a civil war. There is absolutely no way that motherfucker does not have a control file dangling over him.

    This whole thing has been utterly incredible to experience.
    What a freak show.

    You couldn't have picked a better time to walk away from the RCMP. Excellent choice, my man.

    1. I am with the Scotian on that. For all intent and purposes our gubbimint has now declared itself incompetent and illegitimate. A power struggle is sure to ensue. I see the "conservatives" are pondering a leadership question but all they have are other cucks and liberal fart catchers to take over. You can't run a country like this, something has to give.

    2. We are on the same page. This country has never been closer to an outright shooting war in recent history and it doesn't even seem like many people are aware of it. More to follow.


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