Public Enemy


“We all know people who are deciding whether or not they are willing to get vaccinated, and we will do our very best to try to convince them. However, there is still a part of the population (that) is fiercely against it.”

“They don’t believe in science/progress and are very often misogynistic and racist. It’s a very small group of people, but that doesn’t shy away from the fact that they take up some space.”

“This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: Do we tolerate these people? Over 80% of the population of Quebec have done their duty by getting the shot. They are obviously not the issue in this situation”


These words, translated from French to English, were spoken by none other than Justin Trudeau, AKA Prime Minister 'Blackface'.  He said these words on a French language program called 'La semaine des 4 Julie', filmed live and broadcasted in Quebec on September 16, 2021.  The clip recently resurfaced close to the start of this year.

Well shit.  When he declared his intention to enact the vaccine mandate for federal employees prior to the gong show that was this past election, threatening 'consequences' for anyone who didn't comply - like me - I saw that as a blatant declaration of war.  To threaten the livelihoods of his workforce was awful all on its own.

But this.  This is not so much a declaration of war as it is a call to arms.  This is Trudeau trying to motivate and mobilize whatever 'troops' he has that will do his bidding.  Don't kid yourself, that's what this is.

Now, I don't know exactly 'how' he plans to carry whatever the hell he has in mind (and God only knows what) out.  I got it on very good authority that the Canadian Forces and most of the domestic law enforcement agencies are EXTREMELY short on staff.  Even before the scam-demic, we were hurting for people right across the board, for a wide variety of different reasons.  Poor morale, poor management, shitty pay and outdated equipment in the case of the RCMP, large amounts of people recruited from the 70's to the 90's retiring.  After the coronapocalypse hit, it made things even worse because they shut everything down.  Now, with the clot shot mandates and all the associated shenanigans and chicanery inherent, there's even more staffing issues. To top it all off, as I hear it, the Canadian Forces can't even issue uniforms to it's soldiers for some reason. I have no trouble believing this because just prior to my release from the CF army reserves in 2017, they couldn't even issue boots to personnel. To say the Canadian Forces, and the federal public service by extension, is a hot steaming mess is a gross understatement.

But Trudeau believes that he and the country have to make the choice as to whether or not we 'tolerate' a certain segment of society, and one that he clearly despises because they despise him and he knows it.  I can only imagine what this country would look like, what our armed services would be forced to do today, if that unholy bastard had gotten the majority government he called the election in August for.

Worse yet, he and the left wing lunatic politicians in the western world, are doubling down on all this insanity, even in the face of increasing evidence that EVERYTHING about their insane narrative was pure, 100%, unadulterated bullshit.  Every bit of it.  It's becoming crystal clear, as if it wasn't already, that this entire scheme was about social control and had sweet fuck all to do with the virus, public health, or anyone's safety.

Good Lord.....come on Canada.  Wake up and smell the java.  Get the fuck out of bed, already.  What more does this evil son of a bitch have to do before you see the light?

Is it obvious now?  Is it becoming apparent why he wants to control what people say, see, and do on the internet?  Is it becoming clear why he wants law abiding citizens disarmed, when he specifically targeted them by declaring hundreds of sporting rifles prohibited by fiat?  Are you starting to clue in to what's going on when he pays the establishment media in Canada hundreds of millions of dollars in government subsidies, so that they'll only report on what HIS government approves of?

Are you starting to see where this is leading, all while he routinely wipes his ass with the law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?  YOUR rights and freedoms?

This is the stuff of the worst dictatorships in the planet's history, just in the last century.  The worst part is that he, and people like him, aren't finished yet.  Not even close.

If you have been paying attention to what's going on, and I suspect many reading this blog are way ahead of the curve already, I hope you've gotten your affairs in order because it looks like the situation many of us dreaded may be upon us soon.  If you're new to this shit show and have just gotten 'red pilled', it's not too late to start doing something but you have precious little time.  There is a plethora of resources on the internet, many experienced and interesting people who are knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics related to survivalism, self-reliance, and self-defence, who are probably more than happy to help someone who is serious to learn what they have to teach.

As for you, Prime Minister Blackface, and your threats?  Fuck you.  I don't start fights, but I will finish them.  I think you've underestimated your capabilities, the support for you and your disgusting 'policies', and the new 'public enemy' - a badge I am extremely proud to wear, at this point.  I never put on a uniform and rocked a badge and a gun to be a 'bad guy', yet because of your edicts, here I stand.  The bad guy.  So be it.

So, shit head.  I have to ask...what's your plan?  Want to take us 'unclean' and 'unvaxxed' and throw us in camps?  Send whatever cops and soldiers you can muster to people's homes and force a clot shot into them, or worse?  Is this your answer to whether you should 'tolerate' people like me?  Sure as hell sounds like it.

All I have to say is this: If you fancy a fight, you'll get what you like, but I doubt you'll like what you get.

The final line is drawn at my door, motherfucker.

Your move.


  1. Yep, this be a hot mess... and a small triangle of canada (the center of the world) has opted for national suicide. It's funny how short sighted or blind the majority of Canada has become. Our big brother South of us is about to drop in to financial obscurity and will no longer protect us, we have a weak, milk sop, military, and our police force has been purposely gutted and demoralized... what does this spell?

    How well do you speak mandarin?

    When JT jets off to Cuba to join up with the rest of his estranged family, the Castro's and Kenny flys to New Zealand to occupy his well stocked bunker in the hills to wait out the collapse.. we will have to face the hords of deceived and hungry entitled zombies.

    Eventually those who sabbotaged our society and actually intend to resettle this continent will come and offer a bowl of rice a day for sex slaves and slave labor.

    How long will Canadians refuse to see whats in front of us? Why do they want to piss away the freedoms we littereally fought to pass on. Real freedom has existed for LITERALLY a minute in the eons of history and Canadians can't wait to return to tyranny, poverty murder, rape, deception, theft and slavery? WTF?

    I remember as a youth reading a series of books by Margaret wise , Dragon Lance. which had as one of its main characters a young mage, who was to take the Test of High Sorcery. At 20 years old, he would be the youngest mage to ever take the Test, but with evil spreading across the continent in the form of the Dragonarmies, the head of the White Robes, Par-Salian, needed “a sword” to combat the coming evil.
    Many bad things happened during the test, Raistlin was changed as well; after the Test, his health was wrecked. His skin had turned to a golden hue, his hair had gone from brown to white, and he was given eyes with pupils in an hourglass shape, so that he might see time as it affects all things. Having had Being afflicted with a gift or curse of being able to see the future of anything that he looked at... When looking at looking at a beautiful young woman woman, what he saw was the decrepid and broken down old lady, when he looked at at a brand new building he saw its eventual Collapse. When he looked at a young soldier he saw the early death he was to meet.

    I have taken this jaunt in to the imaginary world as I have long felt I have been cursed or blessed with this same affliction or foresight. When I meet some of the young men at my workplace, All I see is the horrors of war And physical destruction men .... of missing limbs and horrible disfiguration, which happens during battle , Reflected on the bodies of these poor unprepared young men.

    I look at our society and and see the end of the society and how easy it would have been to alter our destiny. I see the young ladies who's fertility has been damaged by the clot shot and the children that they will never have, and the evil which which will be forced upon them When their cowardly Beta males run for their lives, And surrender their females to the chi com hords and the baaal worshipers in their cave bunkers.

    Laugh it up fuzz buckets, I see you mocking this foresight, but these same leaders want nothing more than the extermination of 3/4 of the old stock Canadians. He appreciates and envies the basic dictatorship of China and their ability to murder, enslave, and force compliance of the survivors. This is the black faced panzie Cho MO you keep electing. I am sick to my soul, due to your apathy and dirty, evilness. I TOO AM DONE WITH CANADA. If there was any other place that I could move to or go to avoid avoid that which you all are bringing upon us, I would, But that is the purpose of a world communism. No place to run.

    I MIRROR WHAT MY FRIEND HERE HAS TO SAY...All I have to say is this: If you fancy a fight, you'll get what you like, but I doubt you'll like what you get.

    The final line is drawn at my door, motherfucker.

    Your move.


    1. exact!
      i still have hope, regardless of what we all see.
      i say i am watching a train wreck, about which i can do nothing, but i am watching it from inside the train
      the prophets have told us all that they saw that they were allowed to tell us
      it si going to happen
      'if I had not foreshortened the days there would be no flesh left living.'
      but we can pray and beg God to decontaminate north america and make it a place of refuge for His people
      i cannot see any way of avoiding the fulfillment of the prophecies unless we do as ninevah did--full scale nationwide repentance!

  3. Sir,
    thank you once more for your thoughts. You are not alone. Sparklesocks thinks, for some reason, that there will be no resistance to mandatory vaccines etc, but there will be. If it goes kinetic, I assure you it will not stop until the problem has been corrected.

    Unfortunately, there is this:

    If Dr Coleman is even partially correct, then this just became a very, very different conversation, one that Justin may not have considered. I hope he is in good health, for I would not want him to miss a single moment of what is about to happen.

    If there is one thing I truly enjoy, it is seeing people get precisely what they have asked for.

    I cannot wait for this to resolve.

    Mike in Canada

  4. To my Canadian neighbors. Maybe Justin and joe can give each other a reach-around while vying for most grovely westerner. Fuck the jab, eh!

    1. No. Fuck the jab, with a rusty chainsaw, reverse cowgirl style, eh!

  5. I dunno whether you guys saw the very recent interview with Dr. Mike Yeadon.

    He presented some extremely-compelling evidence of wickedness.

    His 'team' have correlated the VAERS reports with the Vaccine Batch Numbers. In the video, he presents this information graphically.

    It is clear that some 'Batches' are utterly benign, in terms of adverse events, while other 'Batches' raise a huge number of adverse events.

    The challenge for you is to find a rational explanation for this huge variance ... without introducing deliberate human action or malfeasance.

    You probably know that Yeadon is a former VP of Pfizer. He knows the business, and he knows about Production and Quality Control. He concludes that this is deliberate action, possibly with the aim of obfuscating the true purposes of the Vaccines.

    I include a link to the Video. It's long, but I found it to be totally engrossing.

    1. I'll take a look. Thank you for the send.

  6. This won't end until these tyrants die of lead poising. I've been saying this for 25 years. yet people still do nothing.

  7. I saw that. I've actually read a fair deal of Dr. Coleman's work. Very astute individual.

    Unless cooler heads prevail, there is definitely some fuckery coming down. It will suck for people like us, but it'll also suck for the people bringing this.


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