True Colours

In late December, Dr. Robert Malone, a leading authority on mRNA technology being used in the current rounds of clot shots being pushed by the several dozen psychopaths we allow to run everything, appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast to tell his story and share his views on various facets of the state of affairs involving COVID-19.  It was about 3 hours in length, but worth every minute to listen to.  Dr. Malone has many good and interesting points to make as a subject matter expert.  The mere fact that the establishment, well known for being full of shit, has been going out of its way to censor Dr. Malone should be reason enough to hear what he has to say.

During the podcast, Dr. Malone mentions something he referred to as 'Mass Formation Psychosis', which he posits is the cause for people's hysteria surrounding being 'pro-vaxx' and pro-nanny state, even if the state demonstrates that they're ambivalent or even hostile in their intentions.  I think he's correct to a very large extent.  There has definitely been some greasy shit going on  in Canada with regards to the state taking a direct role in manipulating its citizens, to wit:

Fast forward to now, we can see where this has led us. Not hard to connect the dots. problematic as this is, I think Dr. Malone left out an important point that he maybe overlooked.  Being a policeman for nearly two decades, I had the 'unique' opportunity to see people in a light that many people do not.  On extreme ends of the spectrum, I've seen that human beings are capable of acts of tremendous bravery and kindness.  I've also seen that they are capable of unspeakable horror, depravity, and malevolence.  What I have seen in between, however, is also quite telling.

From my perspective, I've seen that most people are simply indifferent most of the time.  They don't give a shit about anyone or anything outside their little bubble, so long as it doesn't affect THEM in that moment.  They won't go out of their way to directly harm anyone, but they won't go out of their way to show compassion towards anyone either, at least unless it's fashionable and 'chic' to do so.  Based on that, I truly believe that is what the mainstream of society is to its core.  These are its true colours.

I would contend that this 'vaxx' hysteria has amplified that to a large extent.  Dr. Malone is very correct in that people were manipulated, which he essentially says was easy to do because the population was already reeling with fear of the virus that they were inundated with non-stop from the media and government AND they were largely detached from each other as a result of the ensuing lockdowns and 'social distancing' measures.

I don't disagree with this, but from my perspectives, I'm not willing to simply write off the actions of my fellow Canadians because they were manipulated into doing so.  Because if there's one thing that was made gruesomely apparent during this whole ordeal, it should be that the obedient, productive, unassuming, 'normal' people in mainstream society have in equal measure, the exact same capacity for stunning lies, ignorance, and cruelty that the sterotypical, vicious, 'mad dog' sociopath has.  In other words: a lot of people out there are fucking self-centered jerks.  I've seen it more times than I can count.  If we want to subscribe to the belief that Mass Formation Psychosis is how we got to where we are, and again, I'm not refuting this claim, I would contend that this is one of the main reasons WHY people were so susceptible: because it gave people an excuse to lift the veneer of 'civility' and 'humanity' and be the fucking self-centered jerks they truly were.

Additionally, I'm not inclined to place sole responsibility for people's reactions to this pandemic to an intangible and ubiquitous theory because it assumes that individual people are not responsible for the choices (and I can't emphasize 'choices' enough) that they made. We have to own the role we play. So, for instance, if you were a mean spirited asshole throughout the entire pandemic wackiness, wishing nothing but harm and scorn on people who didn't follow the herd like you did for whatever personal reasons they had, you don't get to blame that all on being hypnotized by the government. You're still responsible for your actions. Full stop.

A lady friend of mine recently lamented to me how the endless sight of people wearing masks all the time, everywhere they go, triggered her because it was a constant reminder of how dumb and easily manipulated they are (and also I guess because it reminds us that we're still under this spell, as a society). To which I replied that the stupid and easily manipulated were ALWAYS there....only now, they're out in the open. The only difference is that now, you can wear stupidity on your sleeve....or, on your face, if we want to be literal.

Or you can go beyond that and open a store.

Profiting from stupidity? Capitalism works.

There's a sense that the pandemic hysteria might be dying down, especially given what's come to light on COVID-19 and the role that disgusting little goblin, Anthony Fauci, played in the virus's origins, the response to it, and the manipulation of statistics and censorship and scorn of his critics.  This may be true, albeit doubtful in my opinion, given how much time, money, and credibility the establishment has vested in this so far. It still hasn't seemed to change the rhetoric coming out of France's Emmanuel Macron or our own PM Blackface here in Canada, where they STILL try to sow seeds of division and hatred amongst their population.

Time will tell if people will still ride that gravy train of hate, or if they'll abate with it and go back to pretending to be civilized people again.  I think the damage is already done.  Personally, I've seen society for what it was, in all its superficial glory, so I was pretty bent and jaded towards society anyway. Truth be told, my opinions towards society would probably remain unchanged.

But, whatever happens and whatever direction people choose to go in, it'll only be because it's the 'fashionable' thing to do. 


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