2000 Flushes

Some days are better than others when it comes to healing up.  Lately I find myself feeling like I've been beaten silly with a bag of brass doorknobs more often than I'd like.  I got chopped up pretty good on account of this open heart surgery.  There's a pretty nasty scar right down the center of my chest, normal for open heart surgery, where they cut through my sternum and did their work.  That one actually isn't so bad.  No, the one that sucks is the cut just where my pectoral meets my deltoid (shoulder) on my right side.  When it's not itching like a bastard, it aches like a motherfucker.  Lately it just hurts....a lot.

Ah well, no sense in whining about it.

BCE was right on the money recently when he said I need to chill.  Lots of stuff happening lately that's pissing me off.  

I made the mistake of watching '2000 Mules' earlier today.  Much of it is stuff that people like me already knew or made some VERY good educated 'second guesses' at.  What's damning about it is how blatantly clear it is now how the 2020 election was stolen by the Democrats and the geriatric pedophile in the Oval Office today should not only not be occupying that office but should be in prison.....and yet, not a goddamn soul did anything about it, nor is anyone likely going to do anything about it.

It's a damn shame.  Even though I'm Canadian, I hate to see this happen to the USA.  I mean, I've always loved that country more than my own.  If I had a choice, I'd like to BE an American....I'm only Canadian because my parents had sex here.  It isn't like I had a choice.  But I digress.

I've always felt that the USA was the last bastion of freedom and justice in the world.  For all the bitching and complaining we keep hearing from those assholes and nutcases on the left about how awful and oppressive they want people to believe USA is, the truth is you can do pretty much whatever you want in that country and get away with it if you're not too stupid about it.  At least for now, anyway.

Shit, apparently as we see in '2000 Mules', you can even steal a friggin' election and fraud your way into the job of POTUS and nobody will do a damn thing about it.

At around the same time as the 2020 US Election, in Myanmar (Burma), they had a similar problem with alleged electoral fraud.  What happened there?  What did the people down there do about it?  There was a coup and the people were duking it out with the cops and military for TWO MONTHS.  The people down there, who really don't have anywhere near the standard of living (RE: something to lose) that we do here in the west, were absolutely pissed off about it and they did something about it. 

Electoral fraud happens in the most free country in the world where people have a constitutional right to bear arms for the SOLE PURPOSE of dealing with an oppressive government and nothing at all happens.  I don't get it, but then being Canadian, I'm kind of used to a system that is designed to fuck over people in the western part of the country.  It's also one of the reasons why I'm a HUGE fan of western separation, but that's another rant for another day.

I hate to shit talk the Americans because I love that country, I love those people, and I live in a country run by the epitome of corrupt scumbags in office.  But good God....something has to be done about this.  This has to come to a head at some point.  These....scumbags who stretch the definition of the term 'human being' to its absolute limit ought to reap what they sow at some point, right?

Well, I don't know.  Does anyone?


  1. Not just the USA, right across the western world the institutions and governments are losing legitimacy. Allegations France had millions of Le Penne ballots thrown out, the US election, governments clearly screwing their citizens over covid, there's a feel of being poised on the precipice of something. Like we've had it too good for too long and people are, unconsciously or not, pulling everything down.

    1. Just the other day in Bolivia (I think), there was similar. People blocked a van and exposed what had to have been 100k pre-voted ballots.

  2. Good article and truthful. I kinda expect the slow burning fuse to actually reach the powder very soon in both Canada and the US. The longer it smolders, the worse to outcome will be for the perps who screw over the people.

  3. Long time lurker, first time commenter, at the risk of sounding like my fave hat is made from tin foil, ya think it might be something in the water, like flouride? That stuff is toxic and, along with BPA, soy in everything, and other stuff like flushed SSRI's, maybe they've wimped folks out if they're on public water? My place? 400 ft. deep artisian spring/well, haven't ingested flouride OR chlorine in more than a decade, I'm ready.

  4. "I made the mistake of watching '2000 Mules' earlier today. Much of it is stuff that people like me already knew or made some VERY good educated 'second guesses' at. What's damning about it is how blatantly clear it is now how the 2020 election was stolen...."
    If, as you claim, "already knew" or "made some VERY good educated (Nigga Please) second guesses at," it was pointless for you to watch the movie.....mewling on like a LARPing, cosplaying cuck, whining about your wet panties.
    Oh well, nothing like cucking for Punjabi eh?!

    1. How much do you get paid Anonymous to be a troll? Maybe you can f*ck right off eh?

    2. Anonymous sounds like a Feeb provocateur

    3. @Anon at 653 AM

      Exactly the point. Anyone who's been paying attention to what's been going on over the election will not really learn anything they didn't know....so, yes, no point in watching the documentary.

      Thanks for playing, asshole. :]

  5. You have just been through the meat grinder, JL. I hope you get plenty of rest and are up and at 'em soon.

    I am watching all this and wondering how long it can go before the gloves come off. The establishment is now only about protecting itself.

  6. You answer the question in your comment about standard of living. An election was stole and our std. is still the same (high). No comfort lost... for now. Once it gets low enough due to ramifications of the stolen election is when people will act.

  7. Heal up. Get safe.

    As a Texan, and a freedom lover, your article and that film are spot on.

    The thing is America takes its freedoms for granted. Everybody knows Brandon is a pretender to a throne, but they have thus fucked up expectation that there will be a free election next time, and well "gee... gosh.... wouldnt want to burn it all down if ya gotta live there"

    The comfortable middle class is rotten.they think normal is comi g back, and Brandon is just a George Bush JR kinda fuck up.

    They are walking dead.

    I look forward to the boil. I can not find one suburb dweller here in posh suburbia that thinks " this " is terminal.

    They are just waiting for the traincars.

    1. Not really though, how displaced are you? How has your standard of living changed because Brandon is pResident. The hell coming to the FUSA in 2023 with food and energy shortages will be revolutionary. I think Trump let it happen because he knows the societal collapse is coming and nothing could stop it. I think there will be people fighting for what is dead in the mouse trap within 12 months.

  8. Philippines has a stolen election by Ferdinand Marcos Jr right now too.

  9. Melodramatics took the place of reality long ago. I'm still seeing the obese interviewed for their opinion on inflation and the affordability of food, while at the food bank. I'm still seeing temporary stickers on newly bought cars. It's coming for sure, But i'm still seeing crops planted, farm shops busy wrenching on fertilizers and seeders, harvesters being set up for later in the year. Still seeing people filling up.

    It's coming, but it aint here yet, same as winter, I can keep telling you winter is coming and still be right in July.

  10. I feel your pain, BC. I was born with a severe case of pectus excavatum, and I was told that without surgery I wouldn't make to 20. I had the surgery to correct it in 1972, but they misjudged the anesthesia, gave me too much. I woke up in the middle of the surgery as the late Dr. Bugden was sawing away at one of my ribs.
    Let's just say that it hurt; a lot. The aftermath wasn't pleasant, since I was attending an inner city Jr High with lots of diversity types, several of whom wanted to see if they could punch thru the body armor I had to wear the rest of the school year. That's a major reason why I have some extreme views on certain topics.
    Plague Monk

  11. When the sheeple are starving action will begin. It may be in less than one year.

    Take care of yourself.


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