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I wasn't gonna speak my piece on this week's 10lb turd that some jerkoff left on society's living room floor, this being the leaked draft decision from the US Supreme Court overturning 'Roe v. Wade', but it's made for some very interesting debates.

Avid readers of this blog know full well my stance on mandatory vaccinations.  For those who don't, the Cole's Notes version is: they're complete bullshit.  Nobody, least of all the government, has or should have the ability and authority to compel anyone to subject themselves to medical procedures or experiments without any informed consent.

My body, my choice.

But....on the issue of abortions, I'm not willing to extend this argument to 'my body, my choice'.  The reason?  Because it's not even close to being in the same ballpark.  Hell, it's not even in the same galaxy.  As far as I'm concerned, with an abortion, a decision is being made to deny life to another human being for reasons which, barring extenuating circumstances, are tantamount to inconvenience.  I also don't buy that crap argument of 'when does life start?' that the political leftists like to use to absolve themselves of wrongdoing.

Personally, I am pro-life.  I am a father of two girls.  Years ago, I remember being in a hospital in Korea.  My wife was 3 months pregnant with my first daughter.  I remember seeing the ultrasound we had taken there.  On the screen was this little graphic, jumping around.  The nurse told me it was my daughter - she was maybe the size of a pea - playing.  She was alive.  Healthy.  I remember thinking, very briefly, 'how could anyone kill that?'  That proved to me that life starts at conception. Having children...being a parent...ended up being the absolute best thing that happened to me, without a doubt.

Do I think the state should get involved in the abortion issue?  I don't know.  They probably shouldn't, given everything else the government's royally fucked up in the last half century alone.  But, with the exception of rape and incest (which are, unfortunately, more common than we might tend to think), I'm certainly not interested in seeing the government protecting the right of a woman to get an abortion.

After all, ladies, it was YOUR body and YOUR choice when you let some dipshit you met on tinder, or at a club, rawdog you silly until you were walking bowlegged for the rest of the weekend.  What did you think was gonna happen?  Choices have where have I heard that before?

Minor break: I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who finds it odd that the same degenerates who are clamoring for the right to murder kids in the womb are the same jackasses who were HUGE fans of the state imposing themselves on people during the pandemic.  But I digress.

We live in an unprecedented age where there is a plethora of family planning options available (including, God forbid, abstinence...or at least being more selective on who you bump uglies with).  I think it speaks to the pure evil and malevolence of the political left, if the apparent rampant pedophilia wasn't enough, that they'd so cavalierly consider killing an unborn child as one of these options.  It speaks volumes about their sense of entitlement and their contempt for human life 

The abortion issue being what it is, I've heard a lot of people talking about how mandatory vaccinations equate to the right to abortions.  Essentially, it amounts to the government being able to dictate what a person can do with their body.

Bullshit, I say.  Why?  It's very simple: I'm not killing anyone when I decide that I don't want to take an experimental injection into my body.  Wanna tell me that I'm responsible for people getting and dying from the 'rona?  'Fuck you.  Prove it, asshole' would be my instinctual response. 

Point of fact, has anyone noticed that, at NO point in time in the last two years and counting, NO government or government body in the entire world has actually proven that 'vaccination saves lives'?  In fact, NO government or government body has provided any empirical evidence that ANY of the measures, be they lock downs, social distancing, mask mandates, or vaccine mandates, has done anything to save lives.  Absolutely ZERO proof has been provided to show that any of this crap has brought down coof numbers or kept people from getting sick or dying.  The establishment has shown the square root of 'fuck all' - and, if they could, you can bet the farm they definitely would.  The fact that they haven't taken the opportunity to show everyone how awesome they think they are and proceed to rest on their laurels should be a huge red flag.

Although, given that the establishment has gone to the immense lengths we have seen them to embellish or outright lie about the numbers of people who have gotten the 'rona, died from the 'rona, and they're likely bullshitting about the number of people who have received the clot shot, it's probably impossible to tell.

I'm just thankful that, so far, this issue hasn't made huge waves in Canada but that's only because the conservatives - usually a prime target for this issue - were smart enough to keep their cake holes shut over this.....but, the week is young and Hell has no basement.



    Have a boo'

    1. It's a good article. Kinda goes with what you were saying before, on how we're pretty much at the end of our lifespan as an 'empire'.

      Humans will carry on, in spite of this...what things will look like, post catharsis, will be another matter.

  2. We will all meet our maker one day.

    As for the leak. Jussie Roberts said it is a draft not a final decision. How do so many people show up at the scotus just hours after the leak. The wailing and gnashing of teeth will be entertaining until the status quo decision is official then the other side will wail and gnash. Me, meh just another day waiting.

  3. Well, if Chinkypox were a REAL threat, like the andromeda strain, or Captain Tripps or the Black Death... yeah, mandatory injections DO make sense. Covid was the cold and flu. Unfortunately we don't DO science anymore. Apparently we don't do proper journalism, judiciary functions, law enforcement, or even basic government. And... the wolves are now at our door, and reality is upon us. I suspect that in the next year or two things may get so dire that reality will impose itself in such a way that we can no longer afford to humour the perverts, the thugs, the grifters and the carnies that are destroying our nation. The abortion issue will not be resolved with reasoned debate or morals or ethics. There are two sides to the abortion issue and once you factor out the hysteria, emotion and lunacy out... they both make valid points. But right now, abortion is the least of our issues. All this will be is the usual screetching rancid nasty women in pussy hats making a nuisance of themselves. Abortion is the 'current thing' to divert attention away from the fact that we need to do something meaningful and serious about our management and leaders. Out of respect to our esteemed blog host I will not fed poast or say anything further.

    So Chinkypox was what? Two current things ago? What will the next one be? Aliens? Vampires? Dear gawd...zombies?

    Goodly or badly... I don't think your law enforcement days are over, JL. Somebody will have to do the job once civilization falls, and we are finished fighting over drams of gasoline and scraps of food. ;)


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